• Day30

    Well. What a month that was!

    November 8, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Our last day riding was a microcosm of all the day's rides from the previous month; a little highway, a little dirt, a country lane, villages, small cities, beautiful landscapes, and one huge city. The day was also the most sketchy of our ride. Two trucks approaching fast, passing side by side and forcing us off of the pavement. Twenty minutes of rush hour on a single lane road with cars, scooters, and bicycles approaching and again leaving us little room for error. Becoming separated in Hanoi traffic (the first and only such moment of the whole trip) and making it to the rental offices on our own. Ending our day sitting in little plastic chairs by the roadside and toasting to the conclusion of a great adventure.

    I am so glad that our son invited me on this trip. One of the very best months of my long/short life.

    For a link to an epic riding video that Augie put together click here:

    For a link to all the photos and videos from the trip click here:

    Augie has moved on to Chang Mai Thailand and will be utilizing a live/workspace as he finishes up his applications for work and grad school. I'm now back in Santa Cruz. Yesterday Nancy met me at the airport with a kiss, flowers, and snacks. She fed me a delicious dinner, helped me unpack, and generally treated me like a king. This afternoon I meet with Don for lunch. This weekend we enjoy an outing in Elkhorn Slough with friends. Saturday we visit Alma to plan for Thanksgiving. Sunday it's back to QM. The nice routine.

    And next? A whole, new adventure begins just one month from today when Sophie, Augie, Nancy, and I meet in the Delhi Airport.
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