• Day172


    July 24, 2017 in Guatemala ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    Flores was super fun because of the arrival of five familiar faces 😃

    When the girls arrived from Belize I was SO happy to finally see them. It was hilarious because I ran up to hug them but there was a man in front of them slowly walking on crutches and I couldn't help but laugh, although it probably seemed like i was laughing at him.

    We caught up over a few drinks and some food and headed to bed pretty early, because we had to get up at 2.30am the next day for Tikal.

    Tikal is an old Mayan site of temples and ruins. We got there for around 5am after a huge pilava over whether we needed our passports for entry or not - too much stress for that early in the morning.

    When we got there we watched the sunrise but because it was overcast it was not that spectacular. We then had a 4-hr tour around the site which included climbing up to the top of the temples and seeing some of the wildlife in the area (monkeys, tarantulas, etc).

    This was good but we were very tired and hadn't eaten anything. By the time the tour finished at 10am we had been awake and eaten nothing for nearly 8 hours and were starving - breakfast was guuurd.

    We went back to the hostel and had a nap, played cards and generally just caught up which was so nice. We got pizzas and salads to share in the evening and had a few drinks which was fun.

    We're headed to Semuc Champey in the morning and I'm really looking forward to that. So nice to have the girls here for the next two or so weeks 😃 let the good times roll.
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