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  • Day9

    Decided to check out the «Dunas de Concón» today (sand dunes). Since the weather is much colder then I expected I figured it would be a bit chilly at the beach.

    The sand dunes was absolutely worth a visit - I actually loved it there. The sand was silky soft and the views from the tops were amazing. It was also fun to watch people sandbord. Had a lovely time there.

    Decided to walk down on the other side of the dunes to a ocean view. When going back it looked kind of far walking around, so I tried a shortcut walking up besides the sand dunes. Not a shortcut at all, actually. It was stright up in the soft sand, super exhausting and hard 🙈 Had to wear shoes, because it was a lot of branches, cactus and glass there. Probably had 1 kg sand in each shoe 😂 Ended up taking a break with some cookies half way up and watching the nice view. There is no point in spending the time here in being annoyed at things that go wrong - because it will happen anyways. I have all the time in the world, and try to take every obsticle here as a possibility to learn something new. So I calmed down with a nice view, and managed to continue the «shortcut» all the way :p

    This trip to Concón was suppost to be a beach vacation with sun and tanning. I started the weekend freezing, sunburnt and catching a cold. No one speaks english. There has been so many things I could have let ruin this weekend, but instead I have tried to flip it around to something positive. I get to practice spanish. Because of the cold weather I wear a lot of clothes - which means I don’t get more sunburnt. I got to see the sand dunes today. I get to spend time in a place that is not touristy at all, seeing more of everyday life in Chile.

    So this is kind of easy to do when you are only one week into your trip and everything is new and exciting. Let’s talk in about three months and see if I still manage to be super positive every day :p But right now, I enjoy it so much. Every day has been a gift, and I can go to bed smiling. I am actually living my dream, how cool is that?!
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  • Day8

    12. - 14. January
    Spending the weekend in this small and authentic beach town. Surf’s up! (At least watching it).

    Spent my first day here at the beach. I live in a nice hostel 3 minutes to walk from the beach. It was freezing (which means about 15 degrees). I had to use my wool-clothes 🙈 But I enjoyed myself even though my plans for a warm weekend at the beach seems pretty unrealistic. I will find something else to do :)

    The area around Playa La Boca gives me the vibe of Byron Bay - and even some of Nimbin with the cannabis signs in some of the shops. Small hippie place with a lot off surfers.

    Finally had the curage to taste «Mote con huesillo» which is a populare non-alcoholic drink during summer in Chile. It is wheat and peach (and probably something more). Taste like ice-tea, and is very sweet.

    I had a completo for dinner (sharing it with the dog in the picture). Also very populare here!

    Need to step up my spanish game, this is not a tourist place with a lot of people speaking english.
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  • Day7

    Spent the day relaxing in one of the beaches in Viña del Mar. Forgot the sunscreen and got crazy sunburnt, way to go! Viña is only 15 minutes with bus from Valparaíso. I enjoyed staying at the beach (even though it was cloudy) but didn’t find that the city was nearly as interesting as Valparaiso. Great place to do a daytrip just to go to the beach!

  • Day6

    8. - 12. January
    Oh what a lovely city you are, Valparaíso! Spent 4 nights in a lovely hostel called Casa Aventura in Cerro Alegre, great spot!

    The colorfull hills and the street art is just incredible. To just stroll around and get lost in this city is a great day spent.

    - Street art in Cerro Bellavista (and the rest of the city)
    - taking a funicular (Ascensor Artilleria)
    - doing the walking tour at 10.00 (tour4tips)
    - boat trip
    - seaing sea lions!
    - the view from the different hills
    - that people don’t have a leash on their dogs - and there is dogs everywhere. (Many of them are stray dogs - that part I don’t love)
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  • Day4

    Started my day early strolling around the neighbour hood of Bellavista to enjoy the street art. There was almost no one out in the street early on a sunday morning.

    After breakfast I went with bus to Valparaíso. The temperature was about 10 degrees lower, it actually felt kind of cold 😂

    Went on a nice boat trip with an Australian girl that I shared room with for one night. Went out to dinner with a gang from the hostel. We ended up on a restaurant with a terrasse with a beautiful view of the sunset on the hills.

    Pictures from Bellavista area in Santiago.
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  • Day3

    Met up with my Chilean friend at Plaza del Armas and explored the area downtown of Santiago. Saw the presidental building, of course! We went up Santa Lucia hill, which took us 10 minutes and had a great view of the city.

    Went to two food markets; Mercado sentral and Vega central. The first one was very touristy and had mostly fish restaurants. The other one was a local and authentic marked that sold everything you can think of. We got fresh fruit smoothies and moved a long. A lot of people there, hectic place.

    The last stop was at Cementerio General de Chile. It was beautiful, and so different from Norway. Everything was in marmor, and some of the family graves looked more like small churches.

    At night I went to dinner with my roomie from the hostel. He is from Sao Paolo, and I felt lucky meeting him. We shared some great conversations during that short time as roomies in Santiago.
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  • Day2

    Met up with my Chilean friend and we walked up the Cerro San Cristobal. It was between 30-35 *C. The hill was right beside my hostel in Bellavista (The Bellavista Hostel).

    The hill was very green and beautiful. The view at the top is breathtaking! I loved it :)

    After spending some time at the top we went to Tupahue pools at the same hill, which was awesome! It was not a tourist place, so I think I was about the only gringo there - making everybody else snowblind. We spend some hours by the pool relaxing and swimming. I found it funny that chileans swim differently then norwegians. They swim «freestyle/crawl», which makes a lot of splashing! The pool seems like a populare thing to do on a sunny saturday, and it became pretty full by the time we left.

    At night I went to dinner with to people from my room in the hostel. We went to this nice peruvien restaurant and I tried ceviche (raw fish, corn and some vegetables in lemon jucie with spices).
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  • Day1

    5. - 8. January

    So the first stop of my journey in South America was in the capital of Chile; Santiago. I met up with a friend that I met on Couchsurfing, and he showed me around. He is from Chile, but now live in America. We explored the city together during the weekend, which was really great!

    We walked around downtown and went to South Americas talles building - The Sky Costanera. It has a 360 degree view of the city, which was beautiful.

    I got to try empañadas, completos (hotdog with mayo, tomato and avocado) and the drink pisco sour. All three of them was great!
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