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  • Day71

    Buenos Aires sightseeing

    March 15 in Argentina

    Today me and Jonathan went exploring the city. We met up with the obelisco and went from there to Plaza nacionales unidas where they have the «metal flower». We spent some time in the park drinking mate and enjoying the weather.

    After that we crossed the street and went to museo nacional de bellas artes. It was not for me :p

    We went from here to the cemetery in Recoleta which I absolutely loved! The construction of the graves are beautiful. Such a special place.

    After this Jonathan took me to one of his favorite places in town. As I wrote in another post here; The El Ateneo must be the most beautiful bookshop in the world!

    Later in the evening I went to Palermo to meet Mariano that I also met in Villa La Angostua. Sylvian and his friend joined us for drinks at the Bowie. After me and Mariano went to a cocktail bar called Boticario. It was really cool, with the theme of a farmacy. I got super charmed by this place!
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  • Day71

    El Ateno bookshop

    March 15 in Argentina

    Jonathan took me to one of his favorite places in this town; El Ateno Grand Splendid. It is an amazing bookshop within a building that used to be a theatre. There is also a cafe there.

    I really loved this shop, and it will probably be one of my favorites in BA as well.

  • Day70

    Japanese garden

    March 14 in Argentina

    I went with my couchsurfing host to Evita museo/restaurant and had a birthday lunch with him and two collegues. It was a very nice place, and we had a lovely lunch.

    After lunch I met with Jonathan, which I met in Villa La Angostura almost two months ago. It was so nice to see him again!

    We went to the japanese garden, a small and beautiful botanical garden. We were not there for a long time before the sky opened up and heavy rain and thunderstorm took over for the sunshine. We went to sit down for a long while to wait for it to pass.

    After this we was going to another park close by, but it was closed. We went to a coffeshop and got some hot drinks, as we were soaking wet and not dressed for the weather at all.

    I was looking forward to going from Patagonia to sunshine and stable weather, I guess that will have to wait another day :p
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  • Day69

    Bye Ushuaia

    March 13 in Argentina

    Goodbye to the end of the world! It has been a pleasure ❤️

    Spent the day going to a cafe with some people to have lunch. After we walked rhe harbour to make a birthday video to the mom of one of the girls in the hostel.

    Such a beautiful day, with fresh snow on the mountain tops.

    It was hard to say goodbye, and I left with a heavy heart and teary eyes. My flight left at 20 for Buenos Aires.

  • Day68

    Tierra del Fuego National Park

    March 12 in Argentina

    I went on a hike in the national park today, and chose the trail «Guanaco» that is the hardest one. It is probably true, as the whole hike is very steep! It was challenging, but in a good way. As this was my last hike in Patagonia I decided to push my body and see how much my fitness level have improved since I arrived South America 2 months ago. I can really feel the change, which is nice! I walked quite fast for the whole trip, and the last 500 metres to the top was hard as my energy started to fade.

    The view from the top was breathtaking! This is definitely one of top three hikes in Patagonia for me. I loved it! At the top I could watch rainly clouds come closer, so I started the walk down together with a German guy. It didn’t take long before the hail hit us. The rapid change in the weather here still shocks me after 4 weeks. It was a nice and sunny day, and then suddenly you have hard and cold hail hitting your face.

    In the evening I went for empanadas.We have been using this empanada place almost every day. The empanadas is amazing!! I spent the night drinking wine and listening to amazing music with Cathrine, Matt and James. They are such good company.

    Tomorrow I will leave Ushuaia with a heavy heart after spending almost a week with some great people. I will miss them so much, especially Cathrine! Ushuaia has been amazing. I love the nature and all the hike possibilities here, and the people in the hostel was awesome.

    I only did two hikes here, wish I could do more. My legs are completely finished with hiking for a while, and the inflamation is painfull. I am glad I got to nice hikes, and I am so happy about my desicion to go to Ushuaia. The town in it self is not too nice, but the surrounding scenery is amazing.
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  • Day67

    Laguna Temprano

    March 11 in Argentina

    Went on a hike with Cathrine, James and Matt today. We was told is was going to be a super easy hike, like a stroll in the park. Someone confused laguna Esmeralda and this one, I think :p

    It was quite steep, and definitely no walk in the park. The nature was beautiful though, and we saw a lot of wild horses. I loved that, they were so beautiful!

    At the top there was a laguna and a small glacier. It was pretty, but not very special after doing so many hikes in Patagonia. We had a great trip though, and the company was awesome! Three people I am really glad I met.Read more

  • Day65

    Isla Martillo

    March 9, South Atlantic Ocean

    I went on a tour today with the company «Piratour». It is the most expensive of the pinguin tours, but the only company that offers the possibility to walk on the island.

    Luckily for me this other Norwegian girl from Bergen, Cathrine was going on the same trip. We met yesterday at the hostel, and it was nice to speak some norwegian again.

    The tours first stop was with the flag trees you can see in my last post. The wind can get up to 150 km/h here, which is crazy!!

    After that we went to a museum for sea mammols. It was really fascinating and cool to see all the huge sceletons.

    We went by boat to the pinguin island and saw a whale that was playing around on the way. Amazing sight!

    At the island we walked around and watched the cute little pinguins. We got very close, and one of them actually walked right over to my shoes. We got to see a emperor pinguin as well, it must have been lost because they are usually not in that area.

    After this we had a 2-3 hours lovely boatride with beautiful scenery down the beagle channel. We stoped at the famous lighthouse, a bird island and a sea lion island. I loved the last stop. They are so cool! Such a nice day, and I am glad I got to enjoy it with Cathrine!

    In the evening I cooked nachos for us and Sylvan and Patrick. Taco friday :D we had wine in the hostel, and it turned out to be an awesome night with a small disco and lots of fun. The hostel has so many nice people, I love the atmosphere here.
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  • Day64


    March 8 in Argentina

    Arrived Ushuaia after 12 hours of bus from Puerto Natales yesterday.

    Staying in hostel Sur De Cruz, and the owner has a beautiful husky. I ended up talking a lot to him, as I was cuddeling his dog. Today he took me to a husky kennel here, with 135 huskys. It was such an amazing day! Happy international woman’s day to me. The dogs looked healthy and happy 👍

    And btw! We went there on a motorcycle. That was a lot of fun! The nature here is beautiful, and it was a good way of seeing some of the area around the city.

    The huskys are kissers! I was covered in mud when I left them. They were super social and loved to get cuddled.

    I got to try traditional patagonian lamb for lunch, which was delicious. It was the perfect start of my week in Ushuaia, as I should stay away from hiking some days now.
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  • Day62

    Torres del paine

    March 6 in Chile

    I was suppost to get up and start hiking early to make sure I would be able to take the bus at 14 instead of 19. When I woke it was raining heavily, and I only had 3-4 hours of sleep. I ended up starting at 07.

    The weather cleared up, and I watched the sunrise from the a hill. My legs was still hurting from yesterday. Two bad knees, inflamation in the calves and four blisters - but some painkillers and blister bandate helped. I was able to keep a high tempo (I think you could call it powerwalk) the whole trip, and used 6 hours including 20 min at the top, and 20-30 minutes of getting lost.

    The last part there about getting lost was not very fun. Some of the rocky parts of the trip was not so good marked, and I ended up walking on the wrong rocky trail that was super steep. In the end there was no longer a trail, and I had to just walk through bushes to try to find the real trail. There was so much bushes with spikes and tornes, and my legs are red and scraped from it. After a while I could see the trail - far away. I had to go down a steep (I would guess 80 degree) hill with sand and stones. It was hard, and I had to focus a lot to not fall and roll down the whole thing. It was really exhausting, and I was pretty pissed when I finally reached the trail - that btw was flat and nice, and I was using all my energy of climbing uphill 😂

    I think the anger was good for my tempo, making me hike fast - and I was able to do the trek and get a shower before the bus at 14.00.

    I was told the hike was dificult and very steep, and I partly agree with it. I didn’t find it dificult, but there was a lot of steep parts, especially the last one. Luckily I have been on Pagagonian bootcamp for a while now, and my shape is much better than when I arrived this country. When I was 15 minutes from the top it started raining heavily and it got foggy and a lot of mist around the towers. I wish I left 30 minutes earlier (or just didn’t get lost!!). I got to see the whole thing anyways, just not in a nice and sunny weather.

    The view of the lake and the towes is nice, probably nicer when the sun is shining on the lake. But even though if the weather would have been perfect - I think I would not have thought of this is the most beautiful hike in the park. For me that was mirador britanico. The towers is the most famous one, and a lot of people go to the park just to do a dayhike of it. After four days hiking in El Chalten and seeing the Fitz Roy, I do not think a dayhike to TDP and the base of the towers would have been worth it for me. I am super happy I decided to go three days and got to see more of the park. Because the nature in the park is super beautiful!

    I got lucky with the weather the first two days, even though the winds was very strong there was no rain and clear views. Today it rained almost the whole way from the towers and back, but it was okay since I was leaving the park. The weather in Patagonia is very unstable and changing a lot, so you never know how it will be.

    My legs are dying and I am exhausted - but I‘ve had three beautiful days in the national park! I am super happy with my journey there. The nature was amazing, and I met some really nice people from Israel. I also met four norwegian girls, the first ones I’ve met here. It was strange speaking norwegian to them, and I actually started in english multiple times and had to switch back to norwegian. I am just so used to speaking english here (and some spanish of course). I was a bit suprised by my own reaction to it, how I could find it strange after only two months away from Norway. It’s not like I have forgotten the language - it was just strange to hear myself using it down here. I will have to blame it on being super tired after 26 km of hiking today.

    Tomorrow morning I will take the bus to my last stop in Patagonia - Ushuaia.
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