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  • Day112

    Zeebedee and Brancos

    August 17, 2017 in Australia

    Thursday 17-8
    Today we were going to do Zebedee Hot Springs and Branco’s Lookout. Zebedee Hot Springs was very small and all eight of us were literally kissing each other. It was quite warm but to be honest it wasn't that good.
    Branco’s Lookout was spectacular and there was a sharp turn up hill that got a little bit interesting. The road was running along the edge of the cliff and then there was the sharp turn that surprised us all.
    Surprisingly when we got back to camp the Trotts were there, who are also traveling around Australia except going the opposite direction. It was good to see Ella who is in my class.
    Back at camp we played on the rope swing for most of the rest of the day. When we had finished on the rope swing Erin, Molly, Bronte and I all made a damper. Mine was the usual ingredients with ##### in the middle (its secret) and it tasted really good. Erin, Molly and Bronte all used cinnamon.
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  • Day111

    El Questro Gorge

    August 16, 2017 in Australia

    Wednesday 16-8
    We are excited because we're doing El Questro Gorge and we had high expectations of it. We got there and set off. Our first real obstacle was a rock that was in the middle of the path. We realised there would be lots of them.
    Our next obstacle was a pool that, at the deepest part was about 1.5 metres deep. In other words 20 cm above my head. The obstacle thing about it was that we had to swim through it with our packs on, but we had electrical equipment in our packs. Of course Ben and dad would wade through the water with the packs above their heads and then pass them to me.
    It wasn't easy getting up out of the really deep pool (the same one as before) beacause we had to do a spider climb on the complete other side of the pool to what we started.
    From then on it was easy UNTIL we came to a waterfall that we had to climb up. It WAS like a set of stairs but it had water running down it which didn't help.
    We got to the Falls (spectacular) and had lunch and a swim then walked back. On the way back we saw a snake and at the obstacle pool there was a ledge that we were all trying to get up except no one could until I came and shinned my way up to victory! I did it only once more before we had to go.
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  • Day110

    El Questro

    August 15, 2017 in Australia

    Tuesday 15-8
    Today we drove back to Kunnunarra to stock up on food. The Hearns had already left Kunnunarra to go to El Questro, the start of the Gibb River Road.
    El Questro is about 40 times smaller than Lorella but is still pretty big.
    We found a rope swing which is the best to go on, it is awesome. There was a big root that we were going off at first then we went on a tree about half way up the bank. After that it was a tree at the top of the bank.Read more

  • Day109

    Purnululu Mini Palms

    August 14, 2017 in Australia

    Monday 14-8
    Today we got up, packed up the camper and drove to the start of the Mini Palms walk and I made a new name for it: Puny Palms.
    Although the start of the walk was hot it was still an amazing walk with a great lookout at the end.
    We stayed at Doon Doon roadhouse again tonight.

  • Day108

    Purnululu Domes

    August 13, 2017 in Australia

    Sunday 13-8
    We decided to do half of the Domes Loop then go to Cathedral Gorge. After that we’ll go out to Piccaninni Creek lookout then go and do the other half of the domes walk, go back to camp and put tea in the dreampot so after the sunset walk we can come home to a warm tea. The domes were all shapes and sizes and some of them had been split in half. There was a little path off the track that led to a very small pool that had some fish in it.
    When we were near Cathedral Gorge we could start to hear some music. When we got in, it looked like a lady was playing an instrument and it was echoing off the walls but one of the tour guides had just put a speaker on one of the ledges and was playing music from that. The gorge was really cool (the temperature one) and it looked good as well.
    We made the mistake of doing the cooler walk into the gorge first and then the hot walk up to the lookout in the hot part of the day. The lookout looked out over the Bungle Bungles and that was a good photo to take and it was almost better than what a helicopter flight would've been.
    We arrived at the sunset spot just in time to see it disappearing over the horizon. We did some silhouette photos which look great.
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  • Day107

    Purnululu Echidna Chasm

    August 12, 2017 in Australia

    Saturday 12-8
    Today we had a bit of a lie in (but we still got up at 6:30 because the of the change of time) then packed up the camper and drove to the Bungle Bungles. The Bungle Bungles are lots of big rocks that are a bit like Devils marbles but the rocks are bigger and they’re not stacked on top of each other. We did a walk called echidna chasm. Echidna Chasm was at first a hot walk in the sun which then closed into a chasm. The chasm was fairly long and near the end the path got thinner and Erin and I put both our hands and both our feet on opposite walls. When mum was taking a photo she saw a tail and she thought it was a snake except it was a fairly big lizard which we think had been squashed so we took it out to the sun and gave it some water.Read more

  • Day106

    Kununurra and Doon Doon

    August 11, 2017 in Australia

    Friday 11-8
    We got up to find Bronte with red dots all over her face, arms and legs. Ben and Michelle decided to take her to the doctor. When we arrived at Kununurra mum did the groceries while Erin, dad and I went shopping for: a new fishing rod for me, a new reel for Erin, a coffee pot for mum and a drink bottle for dad. We got all those things except the coffee mug for mum plus we got me some new goggles. When we got back to the shopping centre mum said that she had seen Ben and Molly and she also said that the doctor thought that Bronte had got measles.
    We finished our shopping and drove to the hospital and saw Ben and Molly walking out from it. They said that, until Wednesday, they have to stay in the hotel. So we thought “Come on! they get air conditioning and a pool.” That night we stayed at Doon Doon roadhouse. A big road train came in while we were at the toilet and mum was taking photos of it when the driver came out of the shop and he said we could look inside the cabin. It was really cool inside it. There was the bit that they sit in and drive from and then behind that was his bed and he also had a fridge, a freezer and a microwave. He said that he used to have a television except when he was sleeping it fell down onto his feet.
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  • Day105

    Lake Argyle

    August 10, 2017 in Australia

    Thursday 10-8
    We decided to go to Lake Argyle today so we set off and we went up to a lookout and had a look at Lake Argyle and the dam. When they built the dam, they built it 67 metres above the surface and when we looked at it it was about 15 metres above the surface of the water. After we’d finished looking over the lookout we drove across the dam to the picnic area. W.A. time is an hour and a half later than N.T. so we had a little snack. The people on the table next to us offered a chicken drumstick around and dad and I couldn't refuse a drumstick so we shared it between us.
    We then went to the boat ramp and had a little swim, we were skimming rocks and then one of the cruise boats came in and one of the tour guides came over and said “can you throw a rock in the water without making a splash?” He had a couple of goes except he couldn't do it. He described how to do it. You need to get a small flat rock and back spin it quite hard and it goes in the water with only making bubbles and ripples. At first I wasn't very good except on my fourth go I did it.
    We went to the museum about lake argyle and there were lots of rooms with photos in them and one of the rooms was based on when the big flood came. One of the photos on the wall was of a man standing on his roof with some photographers taking a photo of him.
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  • Day81


    July 17, 2017 in Australia

    KAKADU (17/7 - 25/7)
    Today we arrived in Kakadu. The first thing we did was stop at Mary River Roadhouse. We got some info on where to camp and continued on. We stopped at the ranger station but there was no one there. We camped at Gunlom. We had a swim at the bottom of the waterfall and the water was quite murky. We walked up to the top of the waterfall and swam there. We went for a bit of an explore and found a little gorge to swim up. At the end there was a little waterfall that was warm.
    That night I made butter chicken for tea.
    Today we drove to Jim Jim Billabong. On the way we stopped at Maguk. The walk in wasn't very long, but the rocks were very slippery with sand. The water there was very clear and quite warm. We swam around a bit then swam out to the waterfall. We had lunch there then walked out. When we arrived at Jim Jim Billabong we set up, it was the first time we set every thing.
    The next morning we got up fairly early to go on a ranger guided activity at Nourlangie Rock. It took us up to a lookout where the ranger told us all about a rock on a rock ledge that was said to be a feather from one of the spirits headdress. We went down the stairs and came out at a rock art site. There was there was two main spirit people and lots of other people. There were some pigs in the park and they really enjoy having a good scratch on the rock art so all the peoples legs were gone. At the end of the walk we came to a shelter that the aborigines used thousands of years ago. They did an archeological dig there and found a bag, a spear tip, some grind stones and lots of other interesting artefacts. If you looked down into the cave you could see some grind stone holes. After that walk finished we drove to Nanguluwur Gallery. The walk into the gallery was hot and 3.5 km long, but was worth it. There was lots of different artworks of different things. There was a really cool one of a early European ship towing an aboriginal dinghy. We had lunch there. We were all hot after the walk so we went into Angbangbang Billabong and sat in the shade. We did a bit of a walk round the billabong and saw a crocodile and lots of birds. We went back to Nourlangie and did some school work. That evening we went back to Angbangbang and did a ranger activity and watched the sunset.
    Today we are going to Yellow Waters, the Cultural Centre and Cooinda.
    We first went to Yellow Waters. There we were planning to the board walk then continue on the 1 km walking trail then turn around and then come back. We started the board walk and saw lots of birds like egrets, sea eagles, rainbow bee eaters and jabirus. We came to the end of the board walk and saw where the path was supposed to be. It was all over grown and there was a gate blocking the way. We stayed at the end of the board walk for a while then saw a crocodile and followed it all the way back to the start of the board walk.
    We decided to go to the Cultural Centre for lunch and a look round. There were some cool displays and I bought a neck cooler.
    Next we went to Cooinda. Some other people at camp had told us that everyone just goes to the resort and has a swim, and the staff are completely fine with it. We went and had a swim got an ice cream and petrol.
    Today we are going into Jim Jim Falls. Everyone had been saying that the walk was very hard. When we got there we discovered that it was only 500 metres. It turned out that it wasn't that hard, and the hardest thing was a bit of rock scrambling. On the way Dad dropped his camera cap and mum quickly put her hand in the pool the cap fell in to get it. In doing so dad's phone fell into the pool. Also mum's binoculars fell in too. We got the phone and the binoculars out. We came to the base of the waterfall soon after that. Near the end we came to a junction, one person we met said to take the right hand path and that will take you to a little beach you could access the water easily from. We had to swim through a little freezing cold pool to get to the pool with the waterfall. We thought we would swim out to the waterfall, but we got half way and we were freezing because it was colder then the other pool, so we turned around. We went back to camp had tea and went to bed.
    Today we drove from Jim Jim to Merl. We went to the visitor centre and had a look round there. Again there was lots of interesting displays. We arrived at the campsite and quickly set up. After setting up we drove to the East Alligator River. At the Visitor Centre we had booked a tour on the East Alligator River. We boarded the boat and our aboriginal tour guide told us all about the landscape and how they used it. He told us how to make an oven using paperbark and stuff like that. At one point in the tour we got off the boat onto Arnhem Land and the guide gave us a spear throwing demonstration. All in all we saw about 30 crocs.
    After the tour we went up to Cahills Crossing where some people were standing on the crossing and we could see big crocs 20m upstream. Cahills Crossing is the only way to cross between Kakadu and Arnhem Land.
    Next we went to some of the rock art sites and a lookout to watch the sunset.
    At the campsite there were heaps of mozzies so we had to eat tea in the tent.
    Today we got up, packed up and started off. We decided to go to 4 Mile Hole, just inside Kakadu. Before we went there we went to Mamaluka Wetlands. We did one walk around the edge of the wetlands then went and got our school work and lunch to go and do in the bird hide there. We watched the birds saw a couple of lizards and relaxed in the shade. We walked out and drove to 4 Mile.
    After we set up Ben and I built a shelter which was very hard because it was so windy. We built the shelter because there was no shade whatsoever. Again we had to eat in the tent because of mozzies.
    In the morning the boys went fishing. They came back and told us that they had caught lots of little barramundi (rats), run over a crocodile and saw the worlds fattest crocodile.
    We didn't do much for the rest of the day, just relaxed and did school work. Just before tea we made signs for Nan and Pa to welcome them to Darwin the next day off the Ghan.
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  • Day80

    Harriet Creek

    July 16, 2017 in Australia

    We packed up and said goodbye to the Hearns only to see them at the Mataranka market. We all sat together while watching Nathan "Whippy" Griggs. Again we said goodbye and again saw them at the supermarket in Katherine. One last time we said goodbye. That night we camped just outside of Kakadu at Harriet Creek because our permit didn't start until the next day.

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