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  • Jul8

    Away good but home best…

    July 8, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ☀️ 18 °C

    So going home I had a slow morning and got up about 10 and after leaving my nice hosts where I had been staying I took the U-bahn or the subway to Alexanderplatz where I switched to the airport bus. I was hopeing to have another of those lovely Berlinder Kindle Weiße beers at Alexanderplatz or the airport, that Mirjam introduced me too. But u fortunately I was out of luck. ☹️

    Anyway.. the security-check at Tegel airport had long lines and was a pretty slow process. At one point they also closed the line I was infor a while to call for a police officee to have a closer look at something but finally I made it through.

    When it was getting closer to the gate to open, I was first a little surprised to see it not open on time. Neither did they open it before the time it was suppoused to close. At least it was good that the airplane was parked right outsde I thought. Then this guy goes on the intercome and says we had to change gate and move two gates down...hmm so the whole crowd moved and they started boarding. Suprisi gly there was a bus outside. So perhaps our plane was parkd further away....I though...

    But after packing everyone in tightlyin the bus. It drove back to the plane outside our originall gate, rounded it and stopped on the other side of it. People were like wt*.. and laughed as it would have taken us perhaps 30 seconds to walk this distance!

    After the flight back to Denmark I took the train back which was packed with people to the point where many had to stand in the isles, one of the toilets were broken and it was also going at a reduced speed for some reason (information doesn’t seem to be their best skill. Yep, that’s definitly Skånetrafiken. 😂 I was home again.

    Tomorrow I will do laundry, visit the dentist with my broken tooth and repack before I fly to Stockholm on tuseday.

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  • Jul7

    Winding up...

    July 7, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 19 °C

    So for the last day in Berlin before going home I decided to check out the Berlin zoo. It was a nice park with many animals among which I saw swimming hippos up close. Boy are those creatures huge?! Lol..After that I had some lunch before heading Bernauer straße where I met up with my friend Mirjam. First we checked out remainings of the Berlin wall and a crossing between East and West. Very interesting considdering even one of the guard towers where still there.

    After looking at that we went on a boat tour on the river and passed some of Berlin’s museum as well as alot of government buildings. It was a lovely ride in the sun and I tried something called Berliner Kindle Weisse which was a red beer with some flavoured syrup in it, there is also a green one. Very good! ☺️

    When the boat-ride was over we went to a place called the Monbijou-theatre, which is an outdoor theatre and bar, for some more Berlinder Kindle Weisse and to watch people dance tango! There was an open stage where people could dance, tonight it was tango. It was quite interesting to see people, young and old, men and women, beginners andmore experienced dance along side each other.

    After that Mirjam showed me an old and huge building that had now been restored and it had several openings or “courtyards” if you like and in one opening yo came to a part had been left as it was except there were now alot of art! Alot of it. It was very cool and almost a bit hidden. I don’t I would have been able to find this on my own.

    Well it was getting later and we decided to make one more stop before parting for the evening so we stopped at this place that was also a brewery and ordered a plate with six of their home brewed beers. 🙃 I also got several tips and hints from Mirjam on what more to do and it was clear to me that six days just won’t cut it. I think I need another trip to Berlin! 😄

    All in all a very nice day. But now it’s time to start packing. 🙁
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  • Jul6

    Ready for take-off... no?

    July 6, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 20 °C

    The active sightseeing in 30+ temperatures with a heavy back-pack have taken it’s toll on me. I even (accidently) dozed off on the bed for a while last night when I got home. lol... So this morning I felt a little tired and even considered leaving some camera gear in the room to easy off on the weight of the backpack. But after regaining my senses I left with a full backpack and headed for Tempelhof, the big closed airfield in Berlin. It was a very important airport during the Berlin blockade and Lufthansa was also formed here. The architect called it the mother of all airports and it sure is majestic to say the least.

    I walked along the entire right runway, 27 R (it was a LONG walk, about 2 000 meters / 6 800 feet), in front of the parking areas for the planes and around to the front of the building. The building is H U G E and majestic to say the least so I took loads of photos here!

    After Tempelhof I had some lunch and headed back to the central parts of town. My plan for today was to visit an outside swimming pool but today was actually the first day without burning sun and hot temperature. It was cloudy and windy today so I didn’t feel like going swimming but on the other hand I wasn’t as hot and sticky as the other days. 😛💦

    For the rest of the day I just did some shopping and having dinner. There is just so much you can fit in a day when you have to travel to different parts of Berlin for all the attractions. Public transport however is very easy to use and with the travel company’s app it’s very easy to find your way around.. 🙂

    Tomorrow I’m meeting up with a friend...
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  • Jul5

    Hot, heavy and high (up)...

    July 5, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Today I was determined to somewhat make up for the just “half-packed” yesterday. First I went to Fredrichain which is a district in Berlin that has some artwork and stuff on the houses and I also wanted to check out the “East side gallery” there which is a part of the Berlin wall, now covered in artwork. While planning the short walk to the “gallery” I realized that “Berghain” was directly in my path so I just had to check it out on the way. Berghain is a famous german technoclub with several clubs within the club. You can google it but I don’t think it gets much more hardcore than this, which also the appearence of entrance told me. To just get in is hard, to not say impossible, if you are not the right clientele. 🌚🧛🏿‍♀️🍆👹

    After checking out the wall with the artwork so, I went to the Ferhnseturm (tv-tower) which is 368 meters tall, but you can only get to the observation deck at 203 meters up. But you still get a spectacular view of the city! 😄☁️.

    I also wanted to check out a cool helium balloon called “Die weldt balloon” or highflyer that takes you to the height of 150 meters over Berlin and this was easily the highlight of the day! 😄😍🤪 Even better than the tv tower because you were “outside” in a basket, feeling the wind and feeling the balloon move with the wind. It was however attached via a long line and vinsch which was also what brought it down again.

    Safely back on the ground I checked out the memorial to the murdered jews of europe also called holocaust memorial. It consists of more than 2 700 concrete slabs arranged in a grid pattern. Quite an impressive and powerful view.

    Tiergarten park was nearby so I also checked that out but by now my feet started to hurt (It’s not ideal to carry a backpack with a dslr camera, two lenses, a gimble for filming with the phone, complete with weights, a liter of water and some heavy battery packs) so I had to take a short brake. But soon I was on my feet again, checking out the park before taking the bus back to Alexanderplatz where I found some cool guys drumming on plastic barrels and stuff. Pretty impressive and I did a little live broadcast on facebook before also checking out the sale on New Yorker. Picking up a few things. And that pretty much concludes this day. Tomorrow I think I will check out an abandoned airfield and go to this pool. 🙂
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  • Jul4

    These feet were made for walking... . .

    July 4, 2018 in Germany ⋅ 🌙 26 °C

    Today I thought I’d start off with a free walking tour that takes you to the major attractions in Berlin and the tour itself were said to take 2 hours wich sounded about enough to spare on this. It lasted however,... for four and a half hours... 😐 ...and it was about 32/89 degrees and not a single cloud in sight! lol.. 😰😓😥💦 And we walked and walked and walked and walked and wa...

    After the tour I felt pretty exhausted to say the least. But I still managed to visit the Berliner dome and have a nice dinner and a really nice drink with prosecco and strawberries. 🍓🍹☺️👌

    Tomorrow will be a busy day I think since half of the day today was waste...err...spent on this walking tour.
    Oh and today I vittnessed German efficiancy in form of a young, male cashier at Netto. Swish, swoosh, pay, reciept,, swosh.... it was fast
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  • Jul3

    Long and hot...

    July 3, 2018 in Germany ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    So the trip to Berlin was pretty... ☺️ “interesting”..
    I took a train well before my flight was due to depart since the local traincompany can’t be trusted.
    Sure enough it turned out my train all of a sudden only went to Malmö C (three stops short of the airport) but I could continue my trip by getting off at Lund and catch the next train withouth any further delays (I was also pretty glad to get away from the ”gentleman” sitting next of me with a pretty ”musk” scent (don’t people shower?). 🤢

    At the airport everything went by smoothly and the flight even took 15 minutes less thannexpected! 🚀
    But then... After a pretty long time where they had still not opened the airplane doors the purser went on the intercome, explaining they were still waiting for the ground crew to roll up the stairs to the plane.

    Anyway, at the bagage so, there were to flights before us on the same conveyer belt. Probably because our fligh came in early. So after a long wait our flight (and bags) was finally up for claim, everyone thought... But no bags came, people looked at each other, tried to look into the opening of the conveyer belt start... which eventually even stopped running and STILL no bags from our flight. People sat down on the floor in dispair. 😞Some went over to talk to the toll officials which eventually went through some locked door to see what was going on. In the meantime, people from another flight that came after us had already finished picking up theor bags on the next conveyer. But suddenly... there was a bell and a hatch opened....,,, but it was from yet another conveyer-belt; at point it was getting rediciolus! ...but.. after another minut, our belt started moving and FINALLY... our bags arrived!!! 😴

    All in all, it took me as long to fly to Germany as it took to wait for my bag......... . . 😐

    When I could feel my feet again it was time for me to go by bus to my hosts in Pankow, Berlin.
    The first bus could best be described as a sauna on wheels. Packed with people and around 30-35 deg C (86-95 F) and no air-condition what so ever. After loosing a few litres of fluid 😰😥..I switched busses to one that was less packed and had AC! ☺️👌🌬

    My hosts were a really nice couple and their dog came and said hello too. She even rolled over and let me scratch her belly.. lol.. 😍

    After getting settled I took the subway to the city centre to eat, just look around a little and do somebreakfast shopping for tomorrow. Tomorrow starts the real explorations, I have many things on my list and I can’t wait! 😃

    Oh, and I have a new favouriteband, “supercomfortable” that played at Alexanderplatz. ☺️

    Auf wiedersehen!
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  • Jul3

    Lass uns gehen!

    July 3, 2018 in Sweden ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Bags have been packed, planning have been done, ready upstairs, sun is shining and I’m on the train. Lass uns gehen! (”Let’s go” in German). 😊🚈🌞✈️🇩🇪

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