• Day1

    New beginnings

    January 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Well this is it then. The start of a new year and our new journey. We're down in the seaside town of Bognor Regis at our youngest daughters house getting our bedroom decorated ready for moving down our furniture in a couple of weeks. Although all absolutely shattered last night we stayed up chatting and making wedding plans for their big day in August, listened to bands demos trying to decide on one we all liked. Think we have. And discussed food and drink options. The wedding planning book our eldest Vicky made for her was invaluable and the happy couple are looking forward to filling it in. We were all in bed when the New Year arrived but said our happy New Years and sang auld lang syne, well tried anyway as we didn't know the words. Then lights out waiting for peace to reign after the fireworks subside. My head hit the pillow and the next think I knew it was 7am and shadow the cat was chatting outside our door. Morning cuppa has arrived thanks to my lovely hubbie and the cats ensconced on my lap.

    A day of touching up paint and wallpapering was planned but mark had to try and fix the ceiling rose problem which he replaced and in doing so the bathroom light now doesn't work and the bedroom light only turns on from the bathroom. Sadly it keeps blowing the fuse so left it for later and a bit more you tube video research. Made great progress with the wallpapering and then realised the boiler had broke. 30 mins on the phone to British gas ( felt like an hour) , Just didn't need it. Still they are sending someone in the morning to fix it so fingers crossed it's an easy fix. We'd booked to go out for a lovely curry but with no hot water we're feeling a bit skanky and all a bit fraught and we're having a take away instead.

    Pjs on, under the duvet. Luckily we have one fan heater to keep us a little bit warm. Settling down to watch the live Sherlock.

    Going to stay another day to try and finish up and get the carpet laid. In bed and asleep by 10.30.
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