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  • Day6

    Clearing out our closets

    January 6, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ⛅ 3 °C

    Premium bond day!

    Champagne glass is always a good sign............ only 2 £25s for me and the same for Mark.

    And so begins another day. First on the agenda. Pack up more parcels. Try on clothes and list on eBay.

    5th and 6th more of the same.

    One of our tenants wants to give notice worst possible time for us. Popped over to see the pidges on the 5th. More stuff to unit. Quote man and van £500 Jesus.
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  • Day3

    More packing

    January 3, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Had a bit of a lie in but everything goes dead now if I lay in bed too long and carpel tunnel playing up. Yet another thing to annoy me. Put washing on bit of a tidy up, check what's selling on eBay, sort out with one of our tenants about getting the roof fixed and then off to dentist. Got a crown that started breaking in September and I've had it smoothed and filled 3 times. Have to relent and have a new crown fitted so going for prep work today.

    After telling me before Xmas I have to have a crown, she now tells me to leave well alone. As I've had so much trouble on that side of my mouth with the root canal I had 4 years ago. ( still aches). She's referring me to a tmj specialist to see if the jaw ache is because of that. Fingers crossed everything settles down now.

    Popped into the coop to get a bit of shopping then home for lunch and to begin packing and sorting again. Did a redirection of post to Vicky's and then tried to get a quote for a man and van to help us move some of the heavy stuff to the unit. Packed up the eBay parcels ready for posting. Dropped a book in to someone who had bought it on sphock and then off to the hospital for yet another appt. For my eyes this time.

    Only just made it as heavy traffic and road works. Only to see him call someone else as I'm waiting to be checked in. Anyway waste of time as I have to go back to someone else for a comprehensive field of vision test and if that doesn't show anything then it's another case of " one of those things" i just have to put up with not being able to see to do anything for long. These last few years have been trying to say the least. The tests booked for Tuesday so at least it's not a long wait.

    Cooked salmon and orzo with spinach while Mark started the ironing, watched an episode of Eastenders then after the ironing was finished it's time to tackle the monthly budgets. Before we know it it's midnight. The days are running away with us. Only 3 weeks to go. Tick tick.
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  • Day2

    Decorating trip

    January 2, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ ☀️ 4 °C

    Good night's sleep, up and ready by 8 in case boiler man comes early. Checked Facebook, played on my games and now ready for breakfast. Bit of a peck on. Plan today to get light fixed. Get boiler sorted. Finish wallpaper, carpet down, megs bedroom blinds up. See how we do. Well light fixed which took a massive stress off of mark. But not the boiler as the pump has gone so will be tomorrow now.

    Cracking on with the wallpaper touch and go if we will have enough. Mark put up one blind showing us all how to do it and Harry did the other one. Under stairs cupboard cleaned out and Harry laid the Lino in that. Making good time.

    Nipped up the high street to sort out megs engagement ring as the stone fell out and they told her they wouldn't replace it. Sorted.

    Had enough wallpaper just, looking lovely. Mark and Harry laid the carpet. Just a little touch up of paint on felt tip and another coat on radiator which we left kids to do.

    Been a funky smell under the stairs all day which turned out to be the cat having peed on a load of bubble wrap.

    Measured all the bits we needed to and left. Stopped for a KFC wrap on way. Got home about 9.30 had a cuppa and flopped into bed.
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  • Day1

    New beginnings

    January 1, 2017 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 8 °C

    Well this is it then. The start of a new year and our new journey. We're down in the seaside town of Bognor Regis at our youngest daughters house getting our bedroom decorated ready for moving down our furniture in a couple of weeks. Although all absolutely shattered last night we stayed up chatting and making wedding plans for their big day in August, listened to bands demos trying to decide on one we all liked. Think we have. And discussed food and drink options. The wedding planning book our eldest Vicky made for her was invaluable and the happy couple are looking forward to filling it in. We were all in bed when the New Year arrived but said our happy New Years and sang auld lang syne, well tried anyway as we didn't know the words. Then lights out waiting for peace to reign after the fireworks subside. My head hit the pillow and the next think I knew it was 7am and shadow the cat was chatting outside our door. Morning cuppa has arrived thanks to my lovely hubbie and the cats ensconced on my lap.

    A day of touching up paint and wallpapering was planned but mark had to try and fix the ceiling rose problem which he replaced and in doing so the bathroom light now doesn't work and the bedroom light only turns on from the bathroom. Sadly it keeps blowing the fuse so left it for later and a bit more you tube video research. Made great progress with the wallpapering and then realised the boiler had broke. 30 mins on the phone to British gas ( felt like an hour) , Just didn't need it. Still they are sending someone in the morning to fix it so fingers crossed it's an easy fix. We'd booked to go out for a lovely curry but with no hot water we're feeling a bit skanky and all a bit fraught and we're having a take away instead.

    Pjs on, under the duvet. Luckily we have one fan heater to keep us a little bit warm. Settling down to watch the live Sherlock.

    Going to stay another day to try and finish up and get the carpet laid. In bed and asleep by 10.30.
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