• Day13


    January 4 in Panama ⋅ ☀️ 84 °F

    We left Franks place after he fed us a lovely breakfast. A good man that Frank. Jay the boat taxi guy, met us at the dock and off we went to Boca Chica, where the car was. Another hot and muggy day in Panama. We offloaded the bags on the dock and I walked up to get the car. Drove down to pick up the bags with the air conditioner on. OMG air-conditioning. What an invention. It had been five days since I’d seen Caroline this happy. Don’t ask!!!!
    We drove to ‘David which is another town on the coast. Stopped off and picked up some supplies for our next Airbnb adventure. Speed traps everywhere along the way. Just another form of taxation.
    Got Boquete without much drama. Checked in to our digs. Very impressed with what we found. Stream by the digs, pond with koi. Big marijuana plants in the backyard. Haha. Less than five minute walk (at my pace) downhill into town. Back is not so much fun.
    We are now 3000ft above sea level and the temperatures are so nice. High 70 during the day and low 60’s at night.
    Lots of F**king birds. Almost needed a shovel to get the car going the first day here. Our car changed colors over night. From white to shite. Needless to say we changed parking spots.
    To be continued. Good times. Be safe out there.
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    Carol Pratt

    Thank you so much for the update. Fun times!