• Day23

    First day in El Salvador

    January 25, 2017 in El Salvador ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Wake up feeling tired. Hot room and rock hard mattress so on the denco rub goes.

    Decide to take a tuk tuk for $2 (50 cents for a local) down to the lake (Lake Suchitlan) as bus (35 cents) was taking too long.

    Have to pay either $1 or $3 to enter lake area. As I have no idea whats what I go for the cheap option!

    Turns out the $3 gains you admission to a pool with a view of the lake!! Nice. Pity our guide didn't bother to tell us this! I would have swum in undies and crop top with no towel but decide just to chill by the lake.

    Its so lovely and peaceful and no tourists which is wonderful. I have the whole lakeside to myself so I just sit and relax with the dog who joined me.

    You have got to love the dumped car right in the middle of the money shot!

    Next it is lunch in the most fabulous place. There are lots of little places to choose from under the one roof. Each place had its own table setting.

    And have a look at the chicken and avocado sandwich I ordered!

    I spend a while here and run into Suzanna my buddy from the tour group. We think she has bronchitis but its been getting worse so she saw an El Salvadoran Dr who was actually an obstetrician! last night and has been put on all this medication.

    We hang out then I catch the public bus up the hill while Suzanna walks.

    Wander around the town which is lovely and peaceful. The handicrafts are way over priced.
    Indigo dye is big here! Go figure.

    Then a banana and chocolate crepe sitting watching the town centre activities! Lovely day.
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