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    June 1, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    Cappadocia is a wonder of nature, and this is under protection as a protected area by UNESCO. Cappadocia is in the province of Newseh here after an 8 hour bus ride we reached the beautiful Cappadocia Urgup. We went to special cave hotel in Cappadocia in the world and just wrote a cave hotel and this is the cool winter wonderland. The formation of Cappadocia Hasan Mountain is composed of evaporation cooling of the lava and the impact of the yağmurar. Cappadocia is a special city, and have done so here we went to Goreme open-air museum, and here are numerous and fairy chimneys and cave people had lived here, and religious worship. There are more churches and cave Cave in the church is decorated with many beautiful paintings and mosaics of Mary and Jesus.

    During our trip we went to the end of Cappadocia which is the first of Hisar town and this is the highest peak of Cappadocia here and had very nice views of Cappadocia. We drank tea and Turkish coffee were here with spectacular views of Cappadocia. Finally we went to Cappadocia Ihlara valley and is spread over a very large area here. The Ihlara valley is a river which flows through a number of very nice and descending stairs on either side of the river there were numerous cave. 5-7 storey underground cities which had derinkuyu Pole and underground cities. To hide from the soldiers and the Roman Empire in the winter and in bad weather they used to take shelter and to hide. If they continue their lives in the underground city of 5,000 people with just bread, water and wine
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    May 30, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    We had a nice trip to the city of Edirne and after our journey we made the 2.5 hour bus ride from the highway. Hsotes are very courteous and polite. The city of Edirne the highest hill in the city of Edirne Selimiye mosque from the entry is made. There is also the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne OldCity midst. The city of Edirne It formed around the Selimiye Mosque. The city seems to Selimye Mosque from every point. If this is the magnificent work of art and architecture by which the Unesco list of world heritage and are under protection of the sites. Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent Mosque built by the son of Selim. It built in 1530 by Mimar Sinan and was built seven years. For my masterpiece of Mimar Sinan Selimiye Mosque said.

    First Selimiye Mosque courtyard with marble are made of a wide garden adorned with a variety of flowers and trees. Selimiye Mosque started
    4 units are very slim minarets and a huge dome long. Selimiye Mosque in the lighted candles or oil lamps due to the air stream is collected in a single room. Selimiye Mosque in the system has a very nice voice and acoustic. Selimiye mosque is in a very beautiful motifs are especially decorated with blue Iznik ceramics color design pattern. Very beautiful by God and Prophet Mohammed is decorated with large letters written lines. In the very near Edirne There are Evros River and stone bridge over the Maritsa river made during the Ottoman Empire and has many restaurants on the Maritsa river.
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    40°8'52" N 26°24'20" E

    May 28, 2015 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    We attended the Istanbul daily Troy Tours . first did a very nice breakfast at the hotel , I prefer my cake and coffee . with private vehicles have come to Canakkale city center . Our tour guide went along with the ancient city of Troy . Here numerous monuments dating from the Roman period, and Greek civilization are exhibited in the museum of ancient Troy . Troy originally a castle by the sea , 90 meters wide, over time, in line with the needs of the city of Rome has been a real . Streets adorned with marble columns of marble statues and temples, streets and fountains are very nice . Troy is known about the saga takes place in the first post Hemeros Iley and, finally, in 2004, starring Brad Pitt movie Troy has . Used in the film Troy Canakkale city horse sculpture is exhibited in the museum . Troy soldiers hidden inside the horse sculpture secretly entered into the castle and fortress gate open and thus becomes the winning side of the war . Known as the battle has been won 10 years .

    Canakkale ferry with commentary from the center of the peninsula, we have come to gallipoli . The first world war first against the Anglo-French bloc and russia hungary australia italy germany and bulgaria consists of the ottoman . not been a war between the years 1914-1918 . Most gang wars have been in gallipoli peninsula . In 1915, the entire British navy sank in the Dardanelles . sea ​​battle then began a ground war gallipoli . Create yenizell the ANZAC soldiers australia first career was between the Turkish military . Anzac between the military and the Turkish military is a very tough battle . gallipoli last gentleman's war is called to war . Anzac and Turkish military to military graves and tomb sculptures were made. gallipoli peninsula and military trenches had many military tunnels . Military museum and Turkish military uniforms for many ANZAC soldiers are . Finally, a very nice three -dimensional gallipoli museum has been constructed .
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    Sultan Ahmet Mh., İstanbul

    October 23, 2014 in Turkey ⋅ ⛅ 23 °C

    The city of Edirne is a very special place in the capital city of the Ottoman Empire made a very special city. Osamanl the first time in 1299. The government of the Sultan Osman his name
    which it has set up a state. Bursa was the first capital city. Then the city of Edirne was conquering Ottoman Sultan 2 Murad time and the city of Edirne
    2 was the capital of the empire. In 1453 Sultan Mehmet Istanbul and Istanbul Ottoman conquests had been the capital of the empire. Very close to the city of Edirne
    There is the Maritsa river. The stone bridge over the Maritsa river has made during the Ottoman Empire. On the banks of the river Evros are many restaurants and tea gardens. We drank tea and watching the Evros river views turkish coffee. Edirne city is very special and very beautiful city.

    Edirne OldCity made with Ottoman architecture Goodbye beautiful buildings are houses and buildings. The Edirne OldCity Dew specific to the city of Edirne pan ate kebab. further
    Almond here has been very good and delight sweets and desserts are sold here. Very wooded and forested town of Edirne and many private picnic here
    There are areas. We went to Selimiye Mosque and here on behalf of the Ottoman Empire Sultan Selim. Turkey's most beautiful and largest mosque. Mimar Sinan
    It was built by seven years. Selimiye mosque has four minarets and domes of. The manuscript is decorated with a lot of beautiful calligraphy of Allah and the Prophet Mohammad by a wide variety of colors and patterns and models that Iznik ceramic patterns. Mimar Sinan's Selimiye Mosque he was at my masterpiece.
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