• Day40

    Gunung Leuser national park, Indonesia

    January 20, 2020 in Indonesia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Today we started our hiking tour through the Gunung Leuser national park. The idea was to watch orang utans 🦧 and we found some. Not only some, we were lucky and found a LOT 🦧 🦧 🦧. We also found the boss and he not only has an impressive body size but also an impressive „language“. You really have to be carful when you meet him and keep your distance. We also found two mums with her babies 👶 . It’s amazing how this huge animals „fly“ through the trees...
    We were not the only ones around but some people never listen... although you are told: stay away some meters, this are wild animals, people need to go nearer and nearer to get the „best shot“ 📸. At some point one orang utan 🦧 was pissed and ran behind one guy. The guy ran away his backpack 🎒 only over one shoulder. The orang utan 🦧 grabbed the backpack 🎒 and took it up the tree 🌳. So now the situation was: a shocked guy, no backpack and a girlfriend shouting: „You fucking idiot!„ - the orang utan 🦧 was relaxing up in the tree 🌳 and opend the backpack 🎒 after some time. He carefully checked everything for edibility and dropped one after the other: toilet paper, t.shirt, purse 👛... in the end the empty backpack 🎒. The guy was sooooooo happy 😌. I would say: lessons learned 🤪.
    So we went up and down and up and down and up and down and.... well you got it... through the jungle looking 👀 for animals. We not only found orang utans but also snakes 🐍, big insects 🐜, tucan, black gibbons and for sure the long tail macque (which is all over, especially at our hotel. The try to steal everything so you have to be very careful). And for sure we found an amazing jungle with huge and diverse plants 🌴🌿🌱🍃🌳.
    The trail was demanding and it took us 6h all together including some resting for food. It was hot but most of the time we were in the shadow but the heat is not the problem but the high humidity. When we reached our jungle camp we were happy, speechless and very tired...
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    Gabi Weinert

    mei, das Kleine ist ja entzückend :-)

    Gabi Weinert

    jö, das war zweifellos ein besonderes erlebnis

    Gina Steiner

    großartig oder? die frisur hat mich an rainers erinnert, bevor wir in kambodscha beim friseur waren 🤪.