• Day84

    Whale watching

    June 26, 2018 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Most of the time in Massachusetts was on the colder side but humid. Today was a gorgeous warm and sunny day.

    Originally we were to leave for Franklin, NY for camping but we decided to not go to Cedar Point a bit later on as the kids are too little and wouldn't be worth it. We has 2 days to play with and Tom and Claire were only 30 minutes from the Gatti family so we thought we would have a few days there.

    Tom and Claire invited us to go Whale watching and the only day we could go was today. As whale watching was 20 min away and early, we had the whale watch and then headed back to Lisa's house yo sat goodbye and pack up.

    Whale watching was awesome. Tom used to work on the boat about 5 years ago over the summer busy months. We had the mates rate treatment and Brandon even got to drive the boat on the way back into the marina.

    We had a very lucky trip and we were a 10% boat as we saw breaching, tail flipping, flipper flapping and saw whales everywhere , including a mom and calf. We also barely got out of the harbour going no more than 3 miles off of land and still able to see land.

    We also had confirmation that Brandon gets motion sickness. We knew he got headaches in the car on the ride to the snow mountains back at home and he had a few headaches on car trips here, but halfway through the boat ride he had a massive headache and needed to lie down. He perked up when he got to drive the boat back.

    After the whale watch we headed back to Lisa's house and said goodbye to the family. It was so nice the cousins were around to hangout with. Elisa is at least 10 years older than the oldest cousin so this was the first time hanging out with them as adults with their own lives. They were also amazing with the kids, even when Brandon was being his high energy.

    We headed back to Tom and Claires in Rockport, had drinks on the porch, ordered food where Josh tried a lobster roll and was a pleasant night, heading to bed with the kids about 930pm.
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    Barbara Stout

    Looks like you had an amazing whale watch! It really is so humbling to see these very intelligent creatures! My time on Cape Ann Whale Watch was also an experience i wont forget! So great you got to hang with your cousins all grown up now!