• Day11

    Lake Mckenzie

    October 10, 2018 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Another early but exciting start for Day 3 on Fraser Island. We woke to crashing waves again so no need for an alarm clock on the island.

    To start the day we headed out to Lake McKenzie in the 4x4’s by going down some very bumpy and sandy paths.

    Lake McKenzie is a beautiful clear fresh water lake. The locals are very protective about it which means you can’t put suncream on before going in as they’re very protective about the eco-system. We had a little swim and chilled on the sand for a while with our new friends.

    We then headed down some more bumpy paths to the rain forest where we saw lots of Funnel Web spider holes. They’re very venomous apparently so I left Martin to look whilst I covered my eyes as I was very scared. Thankfully he didn’t see any!

    Our time on Fraser Island came to an end and all in all we had a great time... just really missed a functional bathroom! We met some great friends. One guy called Scott was from Portsmouth and as mad about football as Mart so they had a lot to chat about! His nickname is John as on the first day I called him John thinking that was his name! His sister, Katie, was great fun too as-well as another English couple called Scott and Helen (see the pic of all from last night!).

    We headed back to the B&B in Noosa that we stayed in before. The hosts (Diana and John) were so welcoming there. They’re hoping to come to the UK in 2020 so we gave them our contact details as well as a good recommendation for a very nice B&B Farmhouse in Saltash. We very much enjoyed our first shower in 3 days as-well as a fully flushing toilet! It was also a blessing not to have to brush sand off our feet before getting into bed. We only camped on the island for 3 days but it felt like pure luxury to be back at the B&B!

    Martin cooked us a little BBQ so we enjoyed some sausages and cheese for dinner. Also a glass of goon.

    See you later
    H x
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