• Day6

    Day 6: World Robotic Olympic - Practice

    November 25, 2016 in India ⋅ 🌫 15 °C

    Many other countries' teams are staying at our hotel, so we saw lots of them at breakfast. The German team already got their game faces on, looking serious and ready to battle. The Philippine team ate all the white rice at the buffet table, and a guy insisted that Evan take a picture with two Philippine girls. LOL!

    Once we got to the Expo center, we saw many more International teams. So happy to see the Syria teams made it. They were happy when I asked a photo of them, but did refuse my American flag pins. :(

    Many other countries were happy to receive them and exchange their trinkets with me. Although a guy from the South Africa team expressed his disappointment about us electing Trump.

    I wish I could report that the practice went well but I can't. The software in the robot malfunctioned and was running an older program. Not knowing about this, Evan and Kyran spent all day fixing the new program, but the robot was not running it. We were so confused as why the robot didn't perform any of the changes, and we didn't discover this issue until it was time for us to leave. Basically, the two boys wasted all day and didn't accomplish anything.

    However, there is still time tomorrow for them to make some fixes after they finish assembling the robot during the game. We have confidence in our boys to do a good job.

    Fingers crossed! Wish us good luck!
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