• Day65

    Dubai to Home

    December 24, 2019 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 23 °C

    Oh dear, that was a loooong flight! We got seats just behind the „kitchen“ and like on the flight to Auckland the floor was partially soaked. Not so great, if you‘re traveling with a toddler, which wants to go down on the floor most of the times.

    Matilda was pretty obsessed with the board entertainment and didn’t want to sleep at all. 🙈 but later somehow she was able to and slept in various, not so comfortable looking positions and ended up sleeping on the floor (the dry part).

    Dubai airport seems to be never sleeping. We landed pretty early, just in time for the Muezzin to call for the morning prayer and the airport was busy. The girls were wide awake, but no surprise, in fact it was somewhen afternoon according to the inner clock.

    Soon it was boarding time again and luckily the flight was pretty empty and we could stretch on 4 and 3 seats 💺😁. The 6 hrs passed by quickly and soon we landed in Munich (the flight attendant welcomed us to Dusseldorf, but corrected after a couple of minutes to Munich 😂).

    Unfortunately it took forever to get our luggage and we missed the train to Salzburg by a couple of minutes. On the other side we could pamper ourselves with a Leberkässemmel 😁 and saw the Christmasmarket between T1 and T2.

    My parents „picked“ us up and the girls were super excited to see 👴🏽🧓🏽 🥰 It made waiting for the next train bearable.

    And in Salzburg we got picked up by Thomas dad. He brought us home, where Thomas mom was waiting for us. They even prepared the tree and decorated our home to be more Christmas like.

    What a home trip... we were all done and ready for bed by 7pm 😅
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