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    March 5, 2020 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    A golf course is a great place to least most of the time, when your swing is working and the putts are falling.

    Non-golfers need not read on...but you can still enjoy the pics. 

    Golf in this area of New Zealand - and in most places except maybe around Auckland and Wellington - is very inexpensive.  Seasonal membership at Mount Maunganui, (closest to us) was $315 CAD each for 9 weeks unlimited golf.  That also gets you a $23 rate at all other courses in the area.  However, the Mount's narrow, dry fairways weren't super conducive to Daryl's frequent mis-directions off the tee, so we tried Te Puke - 20 minutes south of us and really liked it. More interesting layout, away from houses and better condition. What they might call a 'country course'.  Super nice people too.  And note in one of the pics the bucket dropped down from the bar - when you just can't wait for that after-round beverage 🍺!  So for $90 per month (each), we've done most of our golf there.  Tried a couple of other courses in the area - one very dry and boring, another one not bad - very hilly.  

    More often than not, fairways aren't well irrigated - so very dry.  On the up side - lots of roll...if you've hit the ball in the right direction!  But most of the greens have been super!  Water hazards are few and far between - but lots of bunkers!

    Today we golfed Ohope International Golf Club - fabulous!  A true links course.  (For those non-golfers who are still reading despite my warning - a links course is the oldest style of golf course, first developed in Scotland. The word 'links' comes via the Scots language from the Old English word 'hlinc':  rising ground, ridge; and refers to an area of coastal sand dunes, undulating ground and sandy soil).  Ohope is right out on the point - fabulous views!  And you can see White Island (where the tragedy happened in December when it erupted while tourists were on it).

    There are LOTS of golf courses here - every 2-bit town seems to have one.  At these, you leave your green fee in the 'honour box' and out you go.

    Kiwis are quite serious about their golf here - competitions are called a 'haggle'.  You always trade cards - even on non-competition days - and both the player and marker have to sign.  There's no entering your own score into the computer - some courses have an automated system that does it for you - or you hand it in to the pro shop and they do it.  Not sure it discourages the serious sandbaggers - as stableford scores are often in the high 40's and 50's... hmmm.

    While golf itself is inexpensive, any golf gear is very dear - balls, clubs, etc.  Probably because it has so far to travel to get here.  But they still have the clothes sale racks in the pro shop that Cindy has taken advantage of 😁.

    The weather has been super, and we've played golf about 3 times a week.  Have enjoyed the different experience here - but as they say...there's no place like home.  And I know we'll love coming back to Cordova Bay golf course.
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    Looks great guys!


    Great picture of you both. You look so relaxed!