• Day20


    November 4, 2016 in New Zealand ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Back in Christchurch this afternoon after a lovely drive from Hanmer. The weather is lovely but windy in Christchurch and the wind is cold coming off the alps. Staying at the Amber Park cararvan park and it is a lovely little park.
    Day 2, headed off to the city this morning to see whats happening in there. We caught a bus into the city centre and walked to Cathedral Square to catch the tram which was a hop on hop off tram. We walked past the city Cathedral and it was an in your face reminder of the earthquake that struck Christchurch back in 2011. The biggest earthquake to hit New Zealand in 80yrears. It was interesting to see the amount of work going on to rebuild the city and to realise the magnetude of the devestation. Entire roads were being ripped up not just because they were damaged but because the infrastructue underground was badly damaged. Entire buildings have had to be demolished from site deemed too dangerous. The city in their wisdom decided to get shop holders up and running again by having them sell out of shipping containers. This has proven a novil idea and is working well. The tram is an excellant way to see the city.
    Day 3, went to the Riccardon Market for a look. It was ok but we expected to see some homemade things like jams and cakes etc. Thre were none of these. Popped into a pub for lunch and had a fish and chips. The fish was Gurder fish and it was delicious. The food was good but the women where cranky. Next off to the Antartic Centre. This is a great attraction and we all thouroghly enjoyed it.
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