• Oct14


    October 14, 2018 in Iceland ⋅ ⛅ 5 °C

    We touched down in Reykjavik under the cloak of the early morning darkness , and despite our jet lag induced disorientation we decided to explore the town. Our collective knowledge of Iceland is boiled down to Two extremely useless bullet points. Point one: this is the home of Bjork. While this seemed like a trivial and useless fact, while wandering through Reykjaviks streets we saw no less than 10 individual references to the Icelandic singer. As it turns out much like John Stamos in the US Bjork here in Iceland is a national treasure. Point two: the streets here have been deemed to be so safe that parents often leave their babies unattended outside in strollers while they shop. We kept this factoid in mind while we navigated a large portion of Reykjaviks downtown. And just as we had come to the conclusion that you should never leave your baby unattended except maybe at a Nicholas Cage convention (another US national treasure) we saw it. Sitting just outside a small confectionery shop was a small tightly bundled baby, tucked warmly in its stroller without a guardian in sight. Having our second fact confirmed we half expected to see a crowd round the corner Bjork riding triumphantly on their shoulders , but no Icelandic singer emerged. Welcome to ReykjavikRead more