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  • Day10

    Genoa, Italy, part 4

    July 25, 2019, Ligurian Sea ⋅ ☀️ 26 °C

    Finally, we headed back to the port, had a pasta and campari and Robin had a beer. Our last visit was to the the Museo Galata del Mare (Maritime Museum). This place was amazing! So much history, but the life-size boats were incredible and we could go on them and see how sailers lived and worked. Each of the five floors were a different period from 1100s to current time. Robin was over museums by now so he left me and the second floor to wander on my own.

    By far the best was the floor where the Italians traveled by sea to America. We walked from the docks in the late 1800s, to loading luggage on board, to the bunk rooms, officers' quarters, to landing in America, off the ship, to tiny B&B rooms. Then it changed to an early 1900s passenger ship, then to a submarine. Awesome!

    We were back on board at about 7pm, had a shower, rest and off for dinner at 8pm.

    Florence tomorrow. Eight hour trip. My feet already hurt, they'll be raw by tomorrow night.
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