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  • Day106

    Katherine Gorge

    August 1 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 24 °C

    The Nitmiluk National Park is so popular. There is a significant amount of infrastructure to allow visitors to experience the wonders of the park.

    We arrived last night and rocketed off onto a trail for a short sunset walk. Watch the sun dissapear beyond the escarpment from a lookout over the Gorge, then down onto the river where thousands of bats were taking off for their night time foraging.
    Today we squeezed in a 15k walk which included a SWIM at Butterfly Gorge, then back to camp for a quick lunch, then onto a big launch which took us to the adjoining gorge where we grabbed a canoe for a trip upstream and more swimming. Fantastic because it was up to 35° again today.
    Dinner and then board games tonight with some fellow campers.
    A morning of Bushwalking for Regina and mountain biking for Ian followed by an afternoon in the shade by the pool.
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    Ray Moore

    sounds wonderful. We were there many years ago maybe 10 but remember it very fondly. Just watching the Aussie men cyclist on the track one of them did a Cuthbertson and the handlebars broke off in mid stream for no reason. Have fun. Cheers 😎

    Al Corvy

    You guys are too busy having fun! Keep up the good work 😬

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  • Day104

    Horse Whisperer

    July 30 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Had the most fantastic experience with Tom Curtain (Outback Experience) this morning. We had mixed expectations in our party. I was keen as, Ian was doubtful. We went out to Tom’s place and saw the way he works with unbroken horses and dogs with issues. It was brilliant. He never uses force. He uses a process called pressure and release. Stations here drop off brumbies for him to break in. It was amazing to watch them going through the process. We watched a girl get on a horse today that had only been handled by humans 3 times. She would only get on if the communication was going well. It really was incredible. At the end, Tom got on a horse he had only recently broken-in and rode him without a bridle and also without a halter. Stood on his back and sang a song. He is the horse whisperer!Read more

    Deborah Winter

    how awesome. its better than culling them. we saw brumbies at barrington tops.

    I think you guys would like it. The way he works with dogs too, amazing. There were some challenging ones too. Made it really interesting to see his techniques. [Regina]

    Jackie Little

    Wow! I would have enjoyed that. Amazing the connection some people have with animals.

    Jac, he is going to NSW and will be performing in Yenda later in the year. You should go if lock down is over! [Regina]

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  • Day103

    Katherine Warm Springs

    July 29 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    Relaxing in pretty hot springs at Katherine. Excellent museum visit yesterday, highly recommended!

    Stacey Cuthbertson

    that looks amazing , come and get me

    Regina and Ian


    Deborah Winter

    what clear that a croc on the left 🤪.

    Little ones won’t hurt you Debs 🙃 [Regina]

    Jackie Little

    Looks lovely. I’m missing the warm weather.

  • Day102

    Carmen - the opera.

    July 28 in Australia ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    Lucky enough to align our second visit to Katherine with a tour by the Australian Opera.
    It was an outdoor performance without amplification.
    The music was great, the classic tunes were all there. The story is a bit tough and tragic - but it’s an opera - so it is supposed to be - right?
    The audience was enthusiastic and unaffected in their responses.
    My good friend Barb had seen the same show in Canberra a few months ago. Imagine the surprise of the cast when the temperature at curtain was 28°. The costumes including military regalia may not have been very comfortable.
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  • Day101

    Bush Tucker

    July 27 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 32 °C

    Essential to keep the adventures rolling.

    Deborah Winter

    you guys are like the hairy bikers or 2 fat ladies, cooking your way round the island. looks super delish

    Jackie Little

    OMG! Such gourmet cooks. We have boring bbqs on our trips in comparison to your lovely meals

    To be fair, it’s mainly Ian’s excellent work. I reckon we should get a job as cooks on a cattle muster. That would be fun! (For a little while anyway). [Regina]

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  • Day100

    Day 100

    July 26 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Can’t believe how quickly the days have rolled by. We often comment “where did the day go, it’s almost sunset? “ We’re then immediately excited because tomorrow is likely to bring new sights and adventures.Read more

    Rob Tait

    You guys are having an amazing trip. It seems like only a few days ago you were camped nearby at Elim Beach deciding whether to head home or not. It has been so interesting following your adventure via tough roads we could not easily manage with our frail little van. Keep up the interesting commentary!

    Regina and Ian

    Thanks Rob. Speaking of tough roads - we took the soft option and left the van behind for the 1500k loop through Gove Peninsula. We are back in the van tonight and really appreciate the little luxuries.

    I love watching your trip, something so simple and pleasurable to keep a smile on my dial during lockdown and home schooling. Can’t wait to be free lol 😂 keep the updates coming and most of all keep enjoying everyday xxxx [Samantha Martiskin]

    Regina and Ian

    Will do, thanks Sam xx

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  • Day97

    Baringura - Little Bondi Beach

    July 23 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Our first ocean swim since we left home 97 days ago. Fabulous.
    There is no guarantee that Crocs won’t visit, so we will keep our eyes open.

    We will stay on the beach 2 nights with Jaqs, Max and Sampson the part Red, part Blue cattle dog. There are only a few other campers here because I think the process of permit registration with The Dhimurru Aboriginal Corporation scares people away. Who knew they were such skilful and confounding bureaucrats.

    41k out of town on progressively smaller roads then deflate the tyres for the last bit onto the beach. I don’t plan on doing much until beer o’clock except some Frisbee, swimming, yoga and a headland walk.
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    Ellen Desnyder

    Amazing stuff, thanks for sharing, stay safe

    Gorgeous! [Mardi]

    Stacey Cuthbertson

    yep i definately want to be where you guys are

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  • Day96

    Dharmityinja - Woody Point

    July 22 in Australia ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Rio Tinto Will quit this site in eight years. That means that big blight on the distant point will be gone. They will dismantle and rehabilitate that entire site including many kilometres of conveyors. That might make up for the way the mine and processing plants were established by simply usurping the land in the ‘60’s. .Read more

    Just amazing. [Samantha Martiskin]


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