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  • Day31


    July 19 in Estonia ⋅ ⛅ 15 °C

    Here are some statistics about our trip:

    - 31 days
    - 9 airplanes
    - Transportation methods used: big bus, plane, taxi, tuktuk, ferry, speedboat, long-tail boat, minivan, kayak, skytrain, songtaew in Koh Chang and the responding red taxi in Chiang Mai, tractor carriage,
    - Days spent travelling from one place to another: 9
    - Days on various package tours: 8
    - 1 hostel, 3 bungalows, 1 tree house, 4 hotels.
    - New fruits tried: 11!!! mangasteen, langsat, longan, rambutan, local coconut+juice, durian, passionfruit, dragonfruit, papaya, guava, santol
    - Smoothies drank- endless
    - Prawns and squids eaten- also endless
    - Hannes's new favourite Asian dish: panang curry
    - Maria's new favourite Asian dish: pad thai and also panang curry
    - New favourite desserts: roti and mango sticky rice
    - Maria's new favourite

    Costs from highest to lowest:
    1) Plane tickets to Thailand and back and domestic flights
    2) Tours
    3-5) Transfers from one location to another (excluding plane tickets)
    Preparation for the trip: vaccines, medicine, insurance, sun protection, insect
    repellents, travel-pouches and bags
    6) Overnight stays
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  • Day31


    July 19 in Estonia ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Our last flight from Warsaw to Tallinn was nice. We were sitting behind each other and had both window seats. Also, the weather was good so we saw Warsaw, Kose and a bit of Tallinn easily from the air. LOT also surprised us positively because they offered a small pastry piece and coffee/tea/water to drink. Another proof, that Air Baltic is just Ryanair with Lufthansa prices.
    Anyway, we are now waiting for the bus to take us home.
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  • Day31

    (Almost) back home!

    July 19 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    So after our exciting last day we started our journey back with the first flight today morning at 2.30 local time from Bangkok. This time we flew in an A380 to Doha and we were lucky enough to get the seats at the emergency exit, so lots of legspace for Hannes 😀. Qatar Airways was once more giving us as much food and as many drinks as we could possibly consume. Unfortunately Maria's stomach is still not back to normal, so she was not capable of eating much.
    After a break in Doha in the morning we then continued our journey to Warsaw, where we are currently waiting for our last flight back home.
    As exciting as the trip was, it is a nice feeling to be back in Europe (for Hannes, Maria is a bit sad as the big holiday is done and now she has so many duties that need attending).
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    Ege Lapp

    Teretulemast 🤗🤗

  • Day30

    King Power Mahanakhon

    July 18 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 32 °C

    For our last day in Thailand, we decided to sleep longer. Then it took us a while to find breakfast in the city and after that we had planned to go on top of the highest building in Thailand. The height is 314m and the lift took you from the ground floor to the 74th floor with 50 seconds. Cool, huh?
    From the top we had an amazing wiew on all the skyscrapes and the city, which reached as far as the eye could see. We also had an adrenaline rush while walking on the glass ceiling at 310m, with nothing under us. Was well worth the money!
    After the tower we did some small shopping still for the family at home and went back to our hotel. We paid for a late check-out the day before to have no stress. So we still went swimming, packed our bags slowly and relaxed. I was still not capable of eating much, which meant that when we went out for a dinner, Hannes could finish half of my meal.
    In the evening we took the train to the airport and we are currently waiting to check in to our flights. A380 will be the first airplane. First time for Hannes, for me it's the second time to fly with such a big bird. And we have a window seat!
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  • Day29

    Chatuchak, 3 hotel rooms and cinema

    July 17 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 31 °C

    We are now back in Bangkok. This time we chose a hotel near the sky and airport train station. We got to our hotel room, and it had two beds. Had a similar problem in Chiang Mai, but then we could push them together. By this time, I was rather fed up, because our booking clearly showed a different and better room with one bed. So, I went to the reception and showed our booking and told it doesn't match. They had clearly downgrade our room. Got some apologies and another room, more like the one we had booked. Morning came and we had noticed problems with broken lights and faulty tv in our room. That didn't matter too much but then, when we wanted to leave our things to the safe, it didn't work. Maintenance came, changed our safe TWICE and still didn't get it to work. The reception suggested a new room for us. We said that this room has also the other problems, but if they can fix then, we don't need to change. Naja, we took our expensive things with us and when we got back, we got a new room, with nicer view, otherwize the same. Aaand the safe didn't work again. We told it straightaway, but the maid couldn't fix it either. So we just decided to leave it the way it is....
    The Sunday we spent at the Chatuchak market, which is the biggest in Thailand. Yeah, gotta say, the night markets in Chiang Mai were better and had more interesting selection of things. But we got almost everything, we needed. Maria spent the day going in and out of toilets at the market and avoiding food smell, because she had caught the same diarrhoea that Hannes had couple of weeks ago. Well, you gotta have it at least once in Thailand, don't you!
    In the afternoon we go back to our hotel and after changing the rooms, checked out the hotel pool on the roof. Nice! And for a long time there was nobody around. The view was marvellous and water was way too warm.
    Hannes wanted to still do sth in the evening so he dragged us both to the cinema here. I agreed to do it, because it was a huge cinema and we were going to watch Thor. The shopping centre was huge, cinema could easily fit 300+ people in one hall (there were about 15 halls). In the beginning they showed trailers for other movies and advertisements, was really funny to hear stuff inbetween said in English with heavy Thai accents. Also, I made joke in the beginning that we probably will have a short clip to honour the king and yes, there was one! No joking here!
    After the movie finished, we had to find our way out of the 9th floor of the massive shopping centre. There were almost no signs, everything had closed down and people were building stuff in the dark place. Took us a bit, couple of rude security guards and theb we finay got out, caught the last train back to the hotel and left the train station with staff waiting for us to go past them so that they could close the gates. It was midnight. Strange experience!
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  • Day28

    The end is near...

    July 16 in Thailand ⋅ ☁️ 27 °C

    Today we travelled back from Ko Chang to Bangkok, this time without a stopover in Trat. It was once more a looong busride, albeight this time in a slightly more luxurious bus (we got snacks and drinks 😀). In the evening we arrived in the capital, once more impressed by its sheer size and the amount of skyscrapers all around. Being already experienced tourists by now, 😉 we decided to get to our hotel by public transport. The skytrain works very well and was decisively cheaper than a taxi or tuktuk.Read more

  • Day27

    Driving to our next massage

    July 15 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    Today started (once more ;) ) with heavy rain. Our plan was to try another Thai massage in a place recommended on a very helpful travel blog for the island (Side-note about the effects of the last two Covid-years on Thailand: Of the three places recommended on the blog, this was the only one still running and clearly on much smaller room and with fewer people).
    The massage-salon is located about 20km to the south of the place we are staying in, so we decided to take the local "public transport" to get there, namely a pickup-truck with benches at the back, same as you could see on our last post. Finding one proved surprisingly easy, as it drove past the moment we left our hotel. The drive was quite interesting, since the island-road turns quite small in the south of the island and at the same time it is more curvy and mountainous in that area. Those road conditions combined with the daily downpour are a challenge for many drivers as we could witness. We drove past one car that was upside-down next to the road and a second one, that had also left the asphalt and sustained some damage.

    We both chose a back, neck and shoulders massage and it was once more a great experience. Turns out Hannes has no problems, while Maria was full of knots and tension :)
    Since we were already in this part of the island, we decided to look around and found a Korean restaurant at the seafront that was actually open and looked very interesting. We had lunch there and enjoyed it very much.

    One more fun thing about today: As I think we mentioned, possessing and growing weed for personal use is now legal in Thailand. So today when we walked past a place next to our hotel we saw a couple of old local Papis smoking it and singing karaoke at the same time. The sight of a totally high Thai grandpa was quite hilarious.
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  • Day26

    Koh Chang and birthday

    July 14 in Thailand ⋅ 🌧 27 °C

    The days on the island start always with heavy rain, it seems. But today we managed to have even some sunshine. So we had a nice big British breakfast in the nearby pup and went to see the beach. We even tried to float in the waves. That didn't work too well because the waves were still pretty high and we didn't dare to go far. We walked along the beach, had a pineapple shake and got ourselves a small suitcase for all the stuff we have bought here.
    In the afternoon we relaxed in the air-conditioned comfort of our room, because the humidity and heat levels combined are rather bad- we had sweat running off of our backs within minutes from stepping outside. The room was a nice way to cool down.
    In the evening we walked to the other end of the beach to a nice seaside restaurant for a dinner. We got there just in time for some perfect sunset pictures at the sea.
    The food was delicious, we got to see a fire-show and topped the evening off with tiramisu and ice cream in an Italian restaurant (the one on the seaside didn't have dessert).
    Was a nice day, we managed to get red from the little bit of sunshine we got (seriously, it was really only maybe 15 minutes of direct sun and 30 minutes of sun through clouds). Not a sunburn though ;)
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