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  • Day25

    We are here!

    May 19 in Honduras

    We jumped on the 9am ferry, know as the vomit comet, and we on Utila by 10.
    Within 20 minutes it was clear that it was well worth the effort, very nice vibe and everyone is super friendly. Water is really clear and the chance of Whale Sharks is high!
    I start my open water diving course tomorrow at 2pm, just classroom, so tonight is for checking out the bar scene here. Might try and get myself a Dj gig!
    It’s still 30 degrees, but there’s a nice breeze. Hostel is more like a hotel with dorms, nice pool, very chilled! Life is good!
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  • Day24

    I’m getting this down now so I don’t forget. It’s been a bit of an epic travel day.
    We got the ferry from Palencia this morning at 9am, picking up a Belgium dude as we went. We cruised with 3.2 engines 20 minutes around the coast and stopped for 90 whilst we kinda went through customs. See ya Belize. We got to Puerto Cortes pretty much as expected, just a lot longer than the 4 hours it should have been, more like 6! We then waited for about an hour before the whole boat cleared through the one customs guy. We basically all put our passports into a plastic bag getting off the boat, then waited in line.
    4:20pm, finally get in a taxi to get to la Ceiba, sealed a good deal as there are four of us. It’s now 8:30pm and we are still an hour away, it’s a long way!! The driving here is bonkers and once the sun went down, it’s even crazier! One in five vehicles have no tail lights, people on bikes everywhere. It’s like that old game Turbo Outrun, but at night. Seems the way to overtake is drive up someone’s arse, then put you light on full beam till you get by. Definitely an experience, even more so cos I have the front seat. Hopefully we can find somewhere to stay once we get in 😬
    There’s been some good clouds and a lightening storm to entertain, keeps you mind of the oncoming traffic straddling the middle of the road! Ha!
    10:00pm we got to the hostel and it was a pile of rubble! It’s now 10:30pm and we have a hotel. There is a massive fiesta in town for the end of May and all of the hotels are booked. Epic day!
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  • Day22

    The run for the boarder!

    May 16 in Belize

    We got off he island, but not out the country. The ferry leaves on Friday morning, so we’ve got to chill here for a couple of nights. It’s a pretty weird place with loads of seppos and resort type stuff. Odd. Got local busses all the way down, was good to see some country and got chatting to some locals. Very interesting!

  • Day21

    Caye Cualker

    May 15 in Belize

    So this is a weird place. The vibe on the surface is pretty laid back, but it appears that a lot of the local men are here running away from something on the main land. Lots of white business owners and everyone else working for them. Times have not changed!
    That said, it was a fun place to have my birthday, all day drinking of course, ending in a game of dice and a mega strong bottle of Mezcal!
    Went and did a smirking tour on the 14th, which was great. Some Aussies with us said it was way better and clearer than the great barrier reef in the state it is now. Saw a manatee, some sting rays, an eagle ray, all the good stuff really.
    This, me and Aussie Will are making a break for it as we are not down with he vibe. Going to try and get to San Pedro Sula in Honduras, and then on to Utila in the next few days. Time to get my dive on!
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  • Day17

    Last night in Mexico

    May 11 in Mexico

    It’s been a lot of fun, thanks Mexico! It’s now time to drink a couple of beers and relax.
    Today the Holbox 7 became 3, Belgium headed of to Vera Cruz, then two tomorrow for all of half a day until we catch up with the bonkers Ozzie sisters for fun in Caye Caulker.
    Today went went to a private lake and chilled all day. A great way to spend the day, especially when we had nothing to do and the situation presented itself. Unplanned fun, always the best.
    Mexico has been fun, but I’m ready to move on. Myself and Will are going to make a bit of a b-line for Utila to go diving, and because Belize is going to be pricey.
    First new country of the trip, coming up!
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  • Day16


    May 10 in Mexico

    So, it’s a massive lake! Last night, I slept in a tent as we got here a day early. The hostel was shite, but for one night, meh. We got up at 6am and went on a kayak tour which cool. Saw a kind of Cenote, just a big black sink hole, but in the side of the lake. Just moved into our proper hostel, it’s like a yacht club, but I can handle it! Saying good bye to the Ozzie sisters, I’ll catch the other later down the continent!Read more

  • Day14


    May 8 in Mexico

    This is a bit of a culture shock! So touristy and the ‘party hostel’ we are in is full of dickheads. Shame. The sort that I’ve taken a lot of effort to avoid. Ah well, I guess I have to encounter them at some point, I don’t think they will male it further south than Tulum as you have to think for yourself to get there, anywhere.
    Went to the ruins here today and it was cool, but massively busy. We hired bikes and rode there, peddle came off mine on the way down the coast to find a beach, so had to turn back. Hopefully tonight isn’t going to annoy me too much!
    Manage to get some sleep and left that shithole hostel. Went to Bacala a day early
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  • Day13

    Leaving Holbox

    May 7 in Mexico

    Well, what can I say, Isla Holbox is a very cool place, and from the people that work here, very hard to leave. It’s been a fun week and met an awesome crew of people, so good in fact that we’ll all be in be same hostel in Tulum by tomorrow night. Fwends!
    The highlight was definitely all day gangseter golf cart drinking, so much fun! It doesn’t quite feel like Mexico as you can drink in the street and there are hardly any police. I didn’t get to see an flamingos, but plenty of mosquitos. Dogs everywhere here, all sorts, all just chilling out not really doing much. Kind of aimed it up!
    I couldn’t recommend staying at Hostel Tribu enough. Possibly one of the best I’ve ever stayed in, so hats off! Getting the 3pm ferry back to the mainland, should be in Tulum for sundowners 😎
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  • Day8

    Back in Valladolid

    May 2 in Mexico

    For one night, hostel was hot as hell! Getting bitten by mossies most nights is a pain! Heading to Isla Holbox today, time to get back to the beach! Left Frank on the bus last night and his ‘Aunty’ heading to Campeche yesterday. I’ve been thinking about heading to Cuba, but now thinking that I’ll save it for another time. Photo’s from two nights ago in Merida

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