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    Mission to Florianopolis

    March 7, 2019 in Uruguay ⋅ ☀️ 25 °C

    I need to get from Punta del Diablo, in Uruguay, to Florianópolis in Brazil. Here we go! Up at 7:30, waiting for a bus at 9am, realised by 9:45 I could have got on an earlier mini-bus to get me to the bus station, but arrived just in time to get the big bus to Chuy. Then, cross the boarder and find the next bus station in Brazil!
    Found the bus station, got the last ticket! An hour to wait, so I thought I get some money. I’ve been queuing now for 20 minutes. Theres 20m queues at both cash points. I’m hungry!! Time check, 11:32. No money. So...
    I’ve bought two bananas and a can of coke (emergency) to last me for the next 7 hours. This could be interesting!
    Not as unfortunate as the Israeli guy in front of me putting my bag on he bus. He didn’t know to get a leaving Uruguay stamp, so he has to go back to the boarder and get one. Hopefully he can get in he next bus!! 😬
    I’ve been having seat 33 a lot, and by coincidence! My two tickets today so far 32 and 34! I’m on the bus! 12:22. Just need a stamp into Brazil.
    12:40, over the boarder! I didn’t even need to use my fake flight confirmation. The GB passport is good!
    16:40, for some reason, we’ve swapped buses, same seats, more people, but they do have free water, which tastes like arse. It does make up a little for the second banana i bought turning out to be a plantain 😖 bitter!
    18:10 and stopped for some food, finally! Ive eaten two bananas all day, I just hope they take cards, I have no cash!
    20:50, I got to he bus station, found a place t buy a ticket, card didn’t work. I have no cash and the atm won’t give me any! 😞 Luckily I have a second card, it worked, I have cash and a bus ticket
    21:20, time for some lunch! Had this weird chicken with veg, salad and tropical fruit?! Was good! The most vegetables I’ve had in ages, and was in a bus station?!
    00:03 Finally sat on bus number 4. This should only be about 6 hours until the next one, too short for a proper night bus.
    I’ve arrived at the big bus station! Wheeeeey! 6:10am, only two more buses to go, but are they running yet?
    6:55 and bus number 5! A short walk to the other bus station, another travel card, and I’m heading to the next bus station. Nearly to the beach, nearly, good job too cos it’s humid!
    07:45 only one more bus to go! The last one went through the city and up over the hill. Florianópolis is almost an island with the city between it and the land. It’s not an island, but you get the idea
    8:25 and I’m here! What a crap place! 😆
    And a rubbish view...
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    Becky Watts

    I feel exhausted and hungry just reading that ! 😜


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