• Day48

    Day 47 ~ 17,100 Miles, South Pacific

    February 21, South Pacific Ocean ⋅ 🌙 72 °F

    Day 47 ~ 17,100 Miles

    With a strange suddenness the persistent winds of the South Pacific have calmed as has her surface. Gone are the longitudinal swells and white capped waves that have been our near constant companions since our departure.

    The water’s surface seems to be broken now only by the bow of our ship and the wake she leaves in her path. A slight breeze makes the surface look like its shivering in its grasp.

    The now familiar sounds I’ve grown to love have been re-tuned to sound more like rustling leaves. It is peaceful and hypnotic and we are seemingly gliding along on the final 275 nautical miles towards Auckland.

    Interestingly we are approaching a point that is a voluntarily speed reduction zone because of whale traffic and will throttle back from 16.9 knots per hours to just under 10. I for one am pleased with the decision to reduce our speed to bask in this calm.
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