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  • Day50

    Day 49 ~ 17,300 Miles, Auckland

    February 23 in New Zealand ⋅ ☀️ 70 °F

    Day 49 ~17,300 Miles

    It has been a jam packed two days in Auckland and I enjoyed every moment. I’m sitting in my cabin tonight watching this part on New Zealand float away and know that I will miss this place.

    After arriving yesterday we set out on an aimless stroll through the Central District which is directly across the street of our Auckland home, Princes Wharf. There is a great deal of construction in many areas of the city due to hosting the sailing world in defense of the America’s Cup in 2021 and the wafer-front area is by far the biggest recipient of the improvements. Auckland is a vibrant, beautiful, walkable, and energetic place.

    Last night we were guests to a World Cruise Event celebrating the Lord of the Rings series held at the War Memorial Museum. It was also an opportunity to say a temporary goodbye to our Captain. Captain Aivo has been wonderful and I look forward to his return from his vacation when he takes the helm again in Barcelona to guide us home.

    Today we spent a lovely day touring the North Shore and Devonport. The North Shore is high tech companies, modern condos, restaurants with amazing outdoor seating options, and marinas including one for the mega yachts.

    Devonport is on the opposite side of the bay and equally opposite in almost everything else. It’s a typical charming seaside village complete with all of the coffeeshops, restaurants, and local shops one could want. It’s also a much slower pace and is family and dog friendly. We used the ferry to transport us back to the wharf area.

    Just as Auckland is fading on the horizon I too am fading fast and am ready to call it a night. I hope I dream of beautiful Auckland but before the sunlight fades away I want to share the sculpture shown in the video. It is so graceful as it moves in the ocean breeze and I am in total agreement with the Artists statement:
    “...showing people things they’ve never seen before and the more extraordinary things we see the richer we become”. -Phil Price 2004
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