• Day67

    So Long Rome.... Hello Spello!

    November 9, 2017 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 10 °C

    Checked out and stored half our luggage. Walked around and had a forgettable espresso. Saw the Piazza Navona. Looked at Christmas shops but nothing amazing - disappointing Christmas game Rome (though not so disappointing as Paris)! Browsed more shops.

    Then sandwiches and wine from Pane e Salame for lunch (thanks to Trent and Renee for the recommendation). Turns out that its number 1 rank on TripAdvisor was warranted - was delicious! Porchetta (roast pork) and salami with eggplant and smoked cheese, yum. Plus, they had Coldplay songs on - perfect.

    For dessert some gelato from Venchi - yum. And then back to our luggage. Took a wrong turn and stumbled across a place that had a few Christmas ornaments. Found a handpainted bauble made in Pashmir with 12 layers of lacquer (not handmade in Italy but was prettier than the others we had seen in Rome).

    Then on the train to Spello! Side note: Spello is definitely a different place from the much instagrammed Spoleto. A fact we'd had to clarify after pretty much everyone we spoke to about going to Spello thought we meant Spoleto. And then asked why when he confirmed we meant Spello. Our response? It looked cute and small.

    Train to Spello was 2 hours or so - went through a lot of tunnels which kept making our ears pop? Was odd but fine.

    Spello is a super cute little mountainside village on the train route between Rome and Florence. Has about 6,000 people.

    Our host didn't speak much English but he picked us up and drove us to the accommodation through tiny streets. Basically the width of a car which is slightly unnerving. Outside our place the road widens to almost two cars, so they call it a square instead of a road...

    Haven't seen much of the town but looking forward to exploring for the next 3 days. Went out for dinner to a recommended restaurant and was delicious. Thick spaghetti with truffle, bread, red wine, veal stew in wine sauce, grilled zucchini, tomato and eggplant, some other green vegetable and lots of olive oil. Followed by tiramisù and souffle (Wade now understands that souffle is not creme brulee...). Was very good.
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