• Day95

    San Cristóbal 360° tour Galápagos

    February 4, 2020 in Ecuador ⋅ ☁️ 28 °C

    Today we took a whole day boat trip around San Cristóbal Island, stopping at beautiful beaches, snorkeling spots and 'kicker rock' (named by Charles Darwin, as when he look at it it reminded him of a football boot ⚽. Kicker rock is a large volcanic rock with a distinctive shape and most importantly known for its wildlife that surrounds it in the waters between the channel in the rocks we saw soo many different types of marine fish; barracudas and rainbow fish 🐠🌈 we also managed to spot, lobsters, crabs, rays, sea lions and apparently there was a hammerhead shark close to the surface but we missed it 🦈😭... Next time we'll see one! As kicker rock is quit dangerous for snorkeling we had to follow our tour guide closely as possible as the tide is very rough, we also made it through the 2 rocks, through the channel which was scary but fun as the tide raised and feel so quickly, and we had to swim hard to get out. But while in there we saw 3 rays swimming below us, twisting and turning 🐟🐠😁 as we swam for 40mins around the kicker rock we ran into lots of jellyfish and got unavoidably stung! As they were mini ones just everywhere! 😳 On the return to the boat be saw a sea lion and I managed to swim alongside a turtle... Which was so awesome given the clear water conditions 😁😜 one of stops that day was the beautiful paradise beach of Cerro Brujo... It's without doubt the best beach we've ever been on! Be had lunch here, did some flips and turns off the boat into the sea and then had free time to snorkel and enjoy this piece of paradise. We were joined by a sealion of course, as they're absolutely everywhere on the galapagos... Just popping up in the water next to you when you least expect it lol 😂. On the day 360° we also visited islands to spot blue footed boobies and see a possible galapagos penguin! 🐧Read more