• Day388

    Punta delle Colonne Isola di San Pietro

    May 8, 2018 in Italy ⋅ 🌧 11 °C

    Sardinia! we made it in just under 34hours 198 Nmiles and it started beautifully. But first just to let you know what else we’ve been up to. On Friday it rained all day the only thing constructive we did we take the boat into Mahón to fuel up and while John was doing that I did a supermarket run up the hill. Saturday was a lot more pleasant and we took the dinghy into Mahón for a stroll through the streets along with the cruise ship passengers that had just disgorged, photo 4. Here we had our last Spanish coffee, photo 3, not so sure the Italian version will be smooth enough for us, fingers crossed and a lovely meal. On Sunday we had an aborted first try for the crossing to Sardinia but although the wind had died away the sea was too rough for me so we headed back and went to Binibecca one of the Calas on the southern coast that we had visited on our way to Mahón but that had been exposed at the time, on Sunday though it was beautiful although there were a few sunbathers it was a calm quiet sunny memory of Menorca. We left Binibecca and Spain in wonderful calm conditions, the sun came out and the autopilot went on. We watched turtles as we went along saw as many as 25 over the space of 5 hours and around teatime a large pod of dolphins feeding off the bows but as the night progressed the wind grew not alarmingly but enough that come the morning it was a lot less pleasant but with sea bands Bach flower remedy and Stugeron I beat it and here we are. Photo 5 is our anchorage photo 6 is of headland with Sardinia behind us.Read more

    jane hollis

    We're reading with great interest and a little envy! Well done for beating the dreaded mal de mer. Jane and Dave