• Day535


    October 2, 2018 in Greece ⋅ 🌙 21 °C

    So second time lucky, when we arrived at the Old Harbour and moored up under the Venetian Castle the Marinaro asked us what took so long, as we had booked they were tracking us on AIS, we explained that actually trip was faster than normal as we used foresail and had a following wind for most of journey. First day here we walked to Marina and had a shower, then we did the shopping but no Gluten free bread to be found so I will do some baking in the morning, our days are so exciting! Now have new yeast as 2 previous attempts were disasters the dough didn’t rise at all.
    Today earlyish I went for a run along beach to the North and ended up in military prohibited 🚫 zone, I explained to the armed sentries that there were no signs on the beach 🤭. Then after breakfast we rode to the thermal beach, hot air bubbling up and hot water running in had made a section of the beach into a thermal pool, problem was that you couldn’t actually get that close to hot spring as water scaldingly hot. In the photo John gave it a go and nearly scalded his feet, you can see most people are over to the left where the sea water reduces the temperature so it’s just hot! There were also a couple of goats on the beach wandering across towels and looking for food. This afternoon we mooched through the old town following one of the self guided walks to see some of the historic sites that you can see in the photographs. Unfortunately some of the more impressive sites have been damaged by quakes some old some newer the last photo shows the damage to the quay. The minaret of the Mosque is held up with scaffolding and the Mosque is closed as dangerous.
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