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  • Day295

    Almerimar, you knew we’d be back

    January 13 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 14 °C

    Well we had the car so decided as part of our trip to go and visit some friends from two winters ago down in Almerimar. It worked out well the drive from Gib up took a while but the little Fiat 500 that we got from Europecar went well. Our first evening was spent with Jane and Dave eating a home cooked delicious curry and doing a lot of chatting. We caught up on the local gossip and heard about future plans and discussed meeting up in the summer on their home turf, can’t wait. Friday we met Julie and Phil, only just they were off that evening to Ecuador, Galapagos and then the Caribbean, it’s a hard life. After that a bit of Boule now I warned the other players that we were rubbish only having played the plastic beach version, only to find John was pretty good. The men trounced the ladies, before retiring to Mario’s for drinks and Tapas. I attended a 1:1 Pilates reformer session in the evening before we headed back to Mario’s for the Yachties get together. This was all new faces so introduced ourselves and heard some more great sailing stories. Saturday and off to the yard to see Debbie and Simon and what work they had done to their Asian 40, an ex-drug boat they had bought while we were there last time. The progress was impressive they were all moved in but obviously they were still improving things as they went, lots of hard work and lateral thinking but she was looking good. Hope they manage to pop in to Guernsey later this year to catch up, we’ve offered free accommodation and our old cabin lights as incentives. Saturday evening was the Galley Quiz, it used to be the Leo’s Quiz but the operators have moved to a new locale, great night and questions pitched perfectly so you could get most with just a couple to isolate the really clever buggers. Our team was joint second, pretty good we thought. Sunday morning and we were already at Mercadona for the 10am walk, the weather was perfect and we all headed off to Cabo de Gato, Las Negras for a sunny stroll, with a lot more chatting mostly to Mike Ken and Gail but also some of the people we had met at the Yachties Get together.Sadly the weather was so good that all the locals were out as well so there was nowhere to get a beer and Tapas at the end but that didn’t spoil things. Sunday afternoon and evening we were with Debbie and Simon again first at theirs for beer and tapas then Algarbe for more tapas. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed the little dishes, delicious. On Monday i just had time for another Pilates session, well €10 for an hour on the reformer was such a good deal, before checking out and Coffee morning before a leisurely drive back to the airport.
    We are shattered that’s more socialising than we have done in total since leaving Levkas in April. Time to go back to the boat and relax and recover which is good as I seem to have picked up a horrible head cold.
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  • Day383

    Cala Taulera near Mahon Menorca

    May 3, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 17 °C

    Yesterday we walked around the headland to Cala Macarella and had a coffee at the cafe there before visiting the previously inhabited caves. From the look of the floor the main residents now are goats, had a lovely swim around the bay on our return to the boat and saw 4rays (fish).
    We spent today cruising along the south coast of Menorca, we had hoped to anchor up in Cala Covas, said to be one of the most stunning anchorages in the Balearic Islands, but a bit to much swell. We popped into lots of other Calas on the way round, definitely worth a mention is Cala Alcaufa a little built up but still lovely however ended up here Cala Taulera near the capital which is OK as we need to do a bit of shopping, and look for some parts. For those who are interested we think we need a new gypsy wheel for anchor winch as the chain is slipping and jumping, but only sometimes. There are two other boats here, one is fine the other when we arrived appeared to be drifting onto the rocks, once anchored we could see someone apparently pushing it off so rowed over to see if we could assist. We ended up re-laying 2of the anchors, the engine and rudder are broken and owner can’t move the boat. However looking at it now it looks like anchors didn’t hold but as the owner has gone and doesn’t appear bothered we have decided we won’t be either.Read more

  • Day381

    Cala turqueta, Menorca

    May 1, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 12 °C

    Hello all, we are as the post suggests in Menorca. We left Mallorca on Monday afternoon after walking the Port Soller sights church, viewpoint, tower and forest. The tower took a bit of finding there were very few signposts, well only one official one and that was when you were in sight of the tower itself. We waited hoping that the sea would have calmed a bit more after Sunday’s blow, it had but not as much as I would have liked, so a lumpy start back up the coast past Tuent and Colabra then yet more stunning coast line. I really would like to be able to stay and do a proper walking holiday perhaps on the way back.
    Our initial plan was to head for the South coast of Menorca and find a sheltered Cala ready for the forecast NE winds due the arrive on Tuesday. The sea calmed more as we cleared the Mallorca headland, Formenter, I think it was called, so crossing the Menorca Channel seemed to be going well but around 9pm, when we were a little over half way across the wind started from the East OK plan B a Cala on west coast head into wind OK getting rougher, then about 10:30 the wind shifted again, this was not forecast we had checked on the way across, now from the South so beam on and dark nasty. It was over of John I concentrated on not being ill as he over us northeast so we could find somewhere on the north coast, we found Cala Algaiarens dropped anchor and to bed it was 1am.
    We awake to rain! Lots of it checked forecast the NE was expected around 2pm so we showered. It had been a while since a full shower, then breakie but the swell was already building so off we went. We had hoped to be able to look at the coast that we had passed in the dark but no it was still raining and to avoid some of the roll we had to steer north west, then south west to clear the point. But the north west corner of the island was really barren and flat there were some housing developments on the headlands near the second largest town but they looked perched there.
    The southern coast is lower and gently undulating from what we have seen so far, with beautiful inlets, Calas. We originally anchored in Cala son Sakura an open bay as some in the pilot book looked a bit narrow. As I had ti get solid ground under my feet we went ashore for a walk, there was nothing near so decided the follow the GR 223 around the coast when we reached the second inlet we decided to head back by a more direct route and bring the boat around Cala Turqueta is absolutely lovely and as importantly has less swell, so here we are fed and watered.
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  • Day379

    Cala de Calobra and Cala Tuent

    April 29, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    Saturday we decided to take a short trip up the coast to 2 idyllic but fair weather anchorages, as you can see from the photos Cala Calobra is stunning and we managed to arrive before anyone else so got some great pictures. Still can’t get over how beautiful the north west coast of Mallorca is, there are some great walks and amazing cycle rides (but hilly). It looks like there might be some companies that organise cycle rides and hotels etc which might be worth another look perhaps for on our way back again. Due to the high winds expected Saturday night and through Sunday we returned to Port Soller to hide away, it is a very sheltered bay. After a noisy night we went for a walk towards Deia but only as far a chapelle camposte, just past there was a beautiful big French farmhouse style house split into units one of which sold drinks and delicious pastries with 2gluten free options. From there we walked to the Refuge de Mulate, next to the lighthouse to the west of Port Soller it was a stunning walk would definitely recommend it. Today we went to the local Torre took a bit of finding as not well signposted, but after a couple of false turns we found it! Today we are hoping for a long trip past the north of Mallorca and on to Menorca about 10hours.Read more

  • Day377

    Port Soller

    April 27, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 17 °C

    So up fairly early today as wanted to arrived at lunchtime in Porto Soller to be able to go on vintage electric tram ride to Soller town. Trip started at 9 which is good for us and sea was beautifully flat. We saw some nice but developed anchorages as we travelled Northwest towards Isla Dragonera but once we turned the corner and were travelling North Eastwards there were very few buildings and cliffs were dramatic we also found enough wind to use the foresail, with the engine obviously and reached 7.3knots. The anchorage is sheltered and not very developed very pretty and the tram ride through the orange and lemon groves was fun. Soller town has a lovely cathedral and some cute shops as well as lots of cafes.Read more

  • Day375

    Palma, Mallorca

    April 25, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Today we left the boat at anchor and took the coastal bus to Palma, we passed through Magaluf which was definitely close enough. Saw signs says ‘1stamp 8clubs’ that sounded like 8 too many and even though it was only 11am the stag parties were already taking hair of the dog.
    Palma, in the old town, was OK lots of old buildings and churches as well as the cathedral, photos attached. Sadly it looks like we will miss the Palma Boat Show 2018 by 2days! But if the forecast changes we might be here longer and able to go along not that we can afford anything from the looks of what was being set up. Talking about expensive apparently some well off people visit or live in Palma as we found Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Rialto Living, Lacoste and Mallorca Sotheby’s, likely there was also H&M and more McDonalds and Burger Kings per square foot than I have seen anywhere else in world so Kev Shaz and little Courtney were fine😉 We also visited the Juan March Fundacion museum of abstract art but photos to go on face book.Read more

  • Day373

    Mallorca, Santa Posa

    April 23, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    Hello sorry no update yesterday, Sunday, but we left our anchorage to the south west of Ibiza and headed first west along the bottom of the island. I should point out that we did part of this trip under sail alone but our best speed was only 2.5 knots, average probably just under 2. But once we pass Isla Verda we were becalmed so packed the sails and motored north. We had hoped to anchor up at least for lunch at Cala Badella but it was buoyed in the shallower water and we would have had to anchor in 39ft of water too much, so we motored on stopping just to the east of Cala Tarida where I went for a swim and John rowed around the bay it was small but water very clear. Once back at the boat I noticed rope around the prop, took about 10 mins to unwind and remove it. After checking the forecast and seeing a settled day Monday we decided to carry on up the west coast of the island through the channel between Isla Conjera and Isla Bosque with 5foot under keel then up past San Antonio port and on to Cala Binirras to anchor for the night. There was only 1other boat but loads of people on the beach and drummers and fire jugglers pretty good luckily it stopped around 10, we were concerned it would last all night! Then today well we set off at 9am continued up the coast of Ibiza and then continuing north east for 54miles and we are now in Santa Ponsa in Mallorca. John says we have travelled 359 miles since we left Almerimar last Sunday must some sort of record for us! This anchorage is a beautiful big shallow sheltered bay. Have found out I can caption the photos that will make it easier to know where they are.Read more

  • Day371

    Ibiza Nr Cala de Port Roig

    April 21, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Yes we made it, not a crossing experience that I would choose to repeat, it was less windy and therefore choppy than during the day but during my 2 hour watch stints I had to remain outside to keep the ‘mal de mer’ 🤢 at bay by watching stars that were on our track. The autopilot was on so I was only trying to fool my stomach.😉Unfortunately said stars were a little too high in the sky so as well as being very cold I kept getting neck ache. But we arrived safely and have had a relaxing day. The morning was especially relaxing for John who, once we were anchored and had eaten went to bed, I did some reading about Ibiza, checked the grab bags prepared the washing and I am sure there was something else. I woke him to let me know I was going swimming, not sure if it’s the northern latitudes but the sea seems to be getting colder❄️, took a while to warm back up. After lunch we put the job rails back on so we can use the forward sail again, then rowed to the beach bar. Now I admit it did look a bit swanky but anyway John ordered a G&T I had a rose wine and we shared a water, the G&T cost 9.50!! Had a little wander but no where to go without transport so John rowed around the bay a bit, looked at the fisherman’s huts, photos tomorrow and will try to get better ones of the anchorage as well, just taken those and it’s 8:30 in the evening so not looking great. We are heading clockwise round the island but only little hops as current forecast means we won’t be headed to Mallorca till Friday.
    Hope everyone is well and enjoying the updates, we are so pleased to be on the move.
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  • Day370


    April 20, 2018 in Spain ⋅ 🌙 16 °C

    Bumpy trip from start to finish, considered cutting it short and did but in the end only by 8miles. Am very impressed with the sea bands obviously the last set I had were faulty😉. In the photos you will see 2 gloomy ‘wish you were here’ Benidorm shots, even from a distance it’s awful. If the weather had been kinder though there was some stunning coast but with winds gusting up to 35 we couldn’t go close or stop to look too much. After Benidorm which has a cute little island off shore we went along steep cliff photo 3 and then headed across large bay to Calpe. As we crossed the bay we also crossed the GMT date line photo 5. You could see Calpe from quite a distance due to height of rocky headland next to the harbour photo 4. Once anchored we did some boat jobs tightening stay and final paint coat on scuppers before John rowed us ashore for a coffee tapas and walk. On the walk we saw a salty lake with Flamingos hopefully you can see them OK. This eve we are going to try for Ibiza as wind seems to be dropping, fingers crossed🤞Read more

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