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The journey home

It’s going to take a while but we are now heading slowly north and back to beautiful Guernsey
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  • Day116

    Sunny Guernsey

    July 18 in Guernsey ⋅ ⛅ 16 °C

    We got OK and are having great weather only one wet day since we got back. We have met lots of our Guernsey friends already but more to see. Last weekend was Rocquaine Regatta and here are some photos there was a raft race and one entry had been decorated to look like a Viking longboat and could even breath fire. There were various weird and wonderful competitions including the rollerball sandcastle competition (congratulations go to Gary and friends for a creditable second), crab pot hauling, welly throwing, and pallet smashing. Also the more usual ones like wheelbarrow races, stilt races, chariot racing, sand bikes, frisbee, 5 aside etc. This weekend is Torteval scarecrow weekend so hopefully more photos to follow.Read more

  • Day104

    Rome and our summer work

    July 6 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    We traveled from Ponza back to the mainland near Circeo and anchored up we are lucky the weather has been so calm allowing us to anchor as marinas in Italy this time of year would be over €100 a night. Next day we cruised along the coast with some pretty coastline to Anzio and anchored again, dinghy ride to shore for food but think John had a bit of sunstroke as felt really rough, he’s OK again now. While in Anzio we saw what we thought was a microlight and it was but it was fitted to a dinghy, sadly the photo isn’t very clear. From Anzio we continued north towards Rome and Take Fives home for the next two months while we head back to sunny but hopefully cooler Guernsey to do some work and earn some money, well I will be anyway. The marina is oK but the mosquitoes and biting flies are evil little bu**ers.
    Oh yes forgot to say when we used dinghy at Anzio I thought it smelt a bit so we decided to give it a full clean and then pack it up while we were away good job we did, when we lifted the inflatable floor there were three dead 4inch sardines umm lovely. Did my best to get rid of smell but we decided not to store dinghy inside during our absence!!
    See you all soon from Tuesday eve I will be available on my old Guernsey phone number let me know if you want to meet up.
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  • Day101


    July 3 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    From Ventotene to Ponza with its incredible rock formations, we anchored just north of harbour with only a couple of others but by 18:00 it was really busy. Ashore and although a bit developed no high rise and a lovely feel to the town, we drank our most expensive drinks to date at €8 each for a GnT and Aperol spritz but comfortable easy atmosphere and lovely views. Can’t believe we only have 2 more nights before we get to the boats summer rest stop. Then lots of work to do cleaning and stowing etc before we head home, can’t wait to see the island and everyone there.Read more

  • Day100


    July 2 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 27 °C

    From Procida we decided to stay offshore and so to Ventotene, there appeared to be an anchoring option that was outside the Marine Park prohibited zone. Pleased we did it’s a lovely island, probably only slightly larger than Herm but more houses. In the old harbour there are now bars and other businesses in the caves the Romans had cut out of the rock. Both Ventotene and San Stefano, the offlying island were penal colonies. San Stefano still has the round prison building. Here we also saw our first Guernsey ensign on another boat, see window shot. Walking around the island we saw a beautiful church lots of cats that obviously I fed and a mini digger, look at size of seat back to get scale.Meal we ate ashore was a disappointment felt reheated and from packet but you can’t win them all and the view of the old harbour was stunning.Read more

  • Day99

    Bagnoli then Port Miseno and Procida

    July 1 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 28 °C

    After a quiet night we started looking for somewhere we could leave the boat and go shopping, provisions getting a little low. We decided on a place called Bagnoli as it appeared flat and there was a Carrefour fairly close. Where we were would have meant a steep uphill climb in the wrong direction before turning to reach supermarket. I almost wish we had done the climb, Bagnoli is not a pretty place, it was all a bit desperate, and not somewhere I would have wanted to venture into at night, the water was still a dodgy green and the ‘grey’ water runoff was on the beach but at least we got the shopping done even if it did seem to take ages. We then headed further west along coast looking for turquoise water. We failed but did find Port Miseno a beautifully sheltered natural harbour that had lots of anchoring space. The water was clear, you could see the bottom, just the wrong colour we still got in, we had to to cool off but made a point of not swallowing any. The next day Saturday was a little more windy so we decided to stay where we were but it got a bit ridiculous the locals turned up in fierce most of them seemed to just take their boats off the permanent moorings further in and come out an anchor up. They were swimming and seemed unconcerned about their kids swimming. We had a gorgeous meal at Capo Blu in Miseno, due our lack of Italian it was all a bit of a surprise but we had 5 separate mini starters and a main of ‘Amerjack’ fish (Google’s translation) we said no to pasta course though they did have GF pasta. It really was delicious.
    Sunday rather than experience a repeat we headed out to the Flegree Islands we took a cruise around Procida and Vivara, a small nature reserve joined by a pedestrian bridge to Procida, before anchoring for the remainder of the day in a bay on the NW coast just outside the Marine Park by the islands Cemetery. We experienced another first for us when the ‘bar Del mare’ came into the bay selling drinks and ice creams, very enterprising.
    We were going to stay the night but the building swell persuaded us to return to Port Misero. That has got to have been one of the bumpiest and most unpleasant crossings we have done and all the swell was the result of idiot boats going at breakneck regardless of who and how close they were passing. The pilot book mentioned Italian Macho Man syndrome and boy was it out in force.
    We returned to Procida on Monday same bay and had a walk around visiting Corricella and the main port before spending the night anchored to the north of the port much smoother once ferries stopped.
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  • Day96

    Sorrento headland and Naples

    June 28 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    After two nights in Capri we headed, west around, back to the mainland and anchored up just outside the Marine Park to the east of Marina Di Casanova. We had been looking at the caves/tunnels as we had come along past Sorrento and here were some we could anchor near and go have a look at. They were impressive obviously years ago the locals had but steps down to some of them and shaped the natural fissures. We could see that some were used for boat storage and maintenance until very recently others had perhaps been abandoned a while ago as the edges were now above sea level. Very interesting to see sadly the wind picked up so we couldn’t stay we tried calling a few marinas, well 2 and both were full, so we headed north for the night, watching Mount Vesuvius off our starboard bow, settling for an anchorage to the West of Naples. I have been lucky enough to visit Naples and the historic sites of Pompei and Herculaneum before and John said that in this heat he really wouldn’t enjoy it so we might as well move on. That night was our visit sight of the green sea of the Gulf of Naples, not nice after the beautiful turquoise we have been experiencing.Read more

  • Day94


    June 26 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Wow we couldn’t believe the boats that were anchored up here, we were the very poor relations that’s for sure. One of the boats had a helipad and not for a little Mickey Mouse heli either. There was some swell here but this disappeared when the trip boats went and we had a peaceful if very warm night. Still can’t get over how hot it is, 7:30 and 26 degs in the shade, sleeping is becoming a real problem, for me anyway John can sleep no matter what.
    We walked up to Capri town, only about 400 steps so an easy day so John could have a look around. We found some quieter alleys within the town and loved the little electric trolley cars the builders and suppliers used to get gear around. We also found the posh street Gucci , D&G, and others I hadn’t heard of. I think we would enjoy it more in spring or autumn when we could walk around more without melting. Back to boat for dips in the sea staying here another night.
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  • Day93

    Positano and Montepertuso

    June 25 in Italy ⋅ ☀️ 29 °C

    After our walk back to Antares we headed back to the boat hoping we could stay there for the night but the swell caused by all the ferries, trip boats and hire boats was horrendous. We tried just to the west of Amalfi but no better so headed further west the boats were still zipping about so still lots of swell. In the end we anchored of Positano it was only a little better but it was here or head to Capri. The scenery on this bit of coast is incredible big caves, houses perched on cliffs, roads that are more bridges than roads. There were some properties that we think could only be accessed by boat and only on a calm day!
    In the morning we headed ashore for a wander around tow, it was already busy. We decided to walk out of town a bit, that meant going up. Well not we really more me, I was getting a bit stir crazy, anyway 1500 steps up later and we arrived in Montepertuso ready for a cold drink but cafe wasn’t open so settled for an ice cream from the corner shop before having a breather and a mooch. Met Blu a beautiful grey cat who was desperate for cuddles and pats, up on our laps butting our chins sadly he was wearing a flea collar so we couldn’t steal him. Back down to the boat and we headed to Capri for the night. The channel crossing was very choppy wind against tide, yep there was apparently 2 knots of tide going north with the wind from the north, we had to close the hatches and windows, but it all eased as we reached Capri and anchored off the south of the island to the east of Marina Piccolo.
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  • Day92

    Agropoli to Antari and Amalfi

    June 24 in Italy ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Nice easy cruise North, no wind, we had thought Salerno but guide book write up very unenthusiastic so we decided on Amalfi. This section of coastline is incredible with houses and hotels perched on the mountainside. There were also hundreds of other boats all zooming along creating loads of wash not good. But we managed to find a shallowish spot and anchored up so we could go ashore. We anchored of Antares which is just to the Rast of Amalfi in the next valley. We were able to use what I imagine were at one point the old donkey trails but had now been built around to go from one town to the next p and over the headland. Amalfi was stunning but very crowded and expensive that said we did have an ice-cream to keep going. We took a different route on the return. For some reason there was a large tunnel, big enough for cars but not used by them that went through the headland almost to Antares, it came out at an underground car park, well under headland, you could then risk it for 200m on the road or for €1 take a lift up to top of headland and walk back down into Antares centre. Here we visited the church only to find a wedding in full swing and had a drink 1/2 the price of Amalfi drinks. Too choppy to stay the night so we headed west and ended up anchored off Positano.Read more