• Day4

    Windy day in Isla Mujuresl

    December 18, 2018 in Mexico ⋅ 🌫 21 °C

    We woke to the sounds of birds we had never heard before. Mimi came in to ask whether it was the cockerol or the pagona coming to eat fruits. Bruno had told us an iguana might come looking for fruit in the morning, and mimi was excited to feed him a banana... (the only fruit I had pickup up at the grocery store... apart from limes which I planned to use for margueritas. We had a nice family cuddle before I sent Zoe and mim down to eat cereal. The returned before long to say the cereal I got sucked as it disintegrated in their mouths... I soon joined them and made scrambled eggs, toast, peanut butter and jam, and sausages ... the works! They laid the table and called papa when all was ready. We enjoyed an extended breakfast and hit the road around 11am. Our plan, that Alex had devised the night before, was to walk the length of the island stopping into sites and beaches along the way.

    First stop was Playa Tiburon. As we walked in we wondered if we were in the right place. It seemed abandoned. When we got to the beach there were very few people. We became soon aware of the very uninviting weather conditions - windy and cloudy. The sea was very mixed up and again, not the tropical turquoise one would expect. They invited us to swim with a tiger shark for 20 USD and hold a baby in our arms and take a picture kissing it... I thought that sounded disgusting and uninviting... We left the beach and moved onto the turtles.

    We visited the world renown turtle sanctuary. We paid the entrance and got a bag of turtle food. Went into the aquarium to find different sized turtles swimming in tanks. It felt a bit more like a turtle prison, but ati was quite impressed and the girls love feeding the turtles. We had a few near misses with the birds who had realised that this was a great place to get an easy meal..they swooped down to collect the pellets of food on the water. Before we knew it there were at least 50 birds hovering and on attack. We made the rounds of the turtle tanks, caught the tortoises on the way out and continued on our way.
    The girls were armed with bubalicious chewing gum which always make walking easier and more fun. Next stop (beach)...the wind was still crazy, but the beach was still beautiful. We thought it was maybe time for a Marguerita and of course some lemonade. We could imagine how gorgeous this beach would be in the sun and without wind... I put ati in a corner and she passed out fo a while...We hung out and considered braiding the girls hair.. Alex pulled a veto not wanting to be pegged a stupid tourist.. Instead we went for the next more touristy thing on that beach - sit with your feet in an aquarium and let the tiny fish eat the dead skin off your feet. We all had a go... Then moved to our lunch spot.

    This beautiful resort was pretty empty do we had our pick of tables... We moved three time to avoid wind and rain... The girls played in the playground until the downpour began. We enjoyed another Margarita accompanied by nachos and fajitas. The girls had dedos de pollo y pesca. The rain subsided for a moment after lunch and the girls got to swim in the pool. It was surrounded by double beds where I considered napping... But ati wanted to get involved too. The sun appeared for a moment and Alex and the girls went to the beach... By the time I joined them the sun was gone... We thought about staying there day to avoid getting caught in the rain... My FOMO kicked in and I pushed for a move to up Punto Sur. We walked the last stretch of the island with
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