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  • Day13

    Foxhole aires Wakefield

    February 11 in England ⋅ ☁️ 6 °C

    Yorkshire adventure day 8

    Moved along the canal today to another aires
    Shortly after I arrived at foxhole moorings on the river Calder.
    Another blue Caravelle turned up As I was sat having a coffee they could have been twins apart from the other was a lwb.! Chatting to the driver it turned out he lived in his for 3yr and was local so picked his brain for nuggets of useful information.
    Great guy and as I’ve lost my water ways key to access the toilets showers etc he has ordered me one to his and is going to bring it down when it arrives. So staying put for a few days .

    In This afternoon sam and I walked along the canal to the next lock gate and back round the other side. , not far about 4 miles ! Stopping to chat to some of the barge owners as Sam tried to make them play.

    One used her barge as a tea room and meditation / healing room.
    The other was a folk musician.

    And just as I got back to the van another barge was arriving unfortunately I didn’t catch it come through the locks.
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