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  • Day36

    On route - Trang An

    April 2, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Late morning wake up as we only arrived at the hostel quit late.
    Checked out, went for a stroll and found viet coffee shop for wifi so we can search our next step.

    Overhearing locals about their route, we approached and asked if they could drop up off (for a fee obviously) in Trang An on their way to Nihn Bihn.

    On route, the driver makes for light conversation so we asked for the radio to be turned on. To our mistake, Vietnamese music for couple hours can be excruciating pain.

    Dropped off at our new hostel. We proceed to check in our bagg, rent some bicycles and head off exploring.

    Biking around, we find interesting spots for pics, bbq goat, and sneaky back roads.

    Taking a back road, we find ourselves entering a very cute "villages".
    Actually a great place for pics, lunch and view points for sunset.

    Up the 100s stairs in humid sweaty temperature. We discover many more tourists and backpackers chasing the sunset.
    Once ontop, we try to climb higher and further from the crowd.

    Having some sweaty pics taken is no fun.
    Deciding to go down and over to the next peak we started running to make up time before sun breaks the horizon.

    Once on the pegoda peak. We settle for some rest and pics but notice we are blocked off from sunset by the mountain we just came from. So non the less, head down and back over before darkness.

    On the peak in time, we are joined by a team of photographers and a wedding couple. Don't know how she did it but damn, some good shots can be taken.
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  • Day35

    Da Nang

    April 1, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    A slepp in the "world's biggest dorm room" .
    Had breakfast with the host running like a spring chicken.

    We head out towards the beaches and discovery points.

    Long day but find our way to a view point ontop of a hotel - most expensive drinks I've ever seen and just played then for the fool so we can sneak some pics.Read more

  • Day33

    Back on the road - Hue - Da Nang

    March 30, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    After getting a "in-house" tour from our hostel, we head up north to Da Nang to visit the marble mountain.

    This was a "nice" stop for sightseeing seeing but quite busy and not one of my favorite attractions thus far.

    After a hour walking around, we head back to our car and hit the road but stop soon after for some Vietnamese coffee.

    Our driver with his lack of english, made for good conversation with laughter all round.
    Taking us to the imperial temple, we walked around but did not go in as we thought was a bit pricey for a temple entry. So we settled for a cheaper option - street food.

    Now back in the car, we requested our driver to skip the next stop he planned and rather take us to a alternative location - the abandoned waterpark of Hue.

    Once we arrived he, our driver, had the biggest smile and seemed like a kid on the playground as we ran from point to point in search of abandoned spots.

    Realising, he has gone past his time with us. We were asked to finish up so he can take us to our drop off.

    Feeling the tention but yet laughing about it, he puts his foot down to make up for time.

    Dropped of at our new hostel, we thank him for the day and see him off hoping that his boss will understand and not kill him hahaha
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  • Day32

    Road trip - Banana Hills

    March 29, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Having pre-booked our day trip to the ba na hills.
    We rush to get ready and have breakfast before the bus arrival.
    Once on the bus, we are requested to introduced ourselves as the tour guide continues to collect fee's and signatures.

    Our tour guide seems knowledgeable as he explains and discuss some interesting facts about vietnam and the discovery of Ba Na Hills by the French.

    Stopping at our destination, we are requested to follow our tour guide as this location is big and one could get easily distracted and lost.

    Having some time per tourist stop for photos, we make the most of it.

    Having to take a cable car to the top of the hill, this was welcomed by views of waterfalls and vast forests.

    Having a glimpse at the much anticipated golden bridge, we get off the gondola to find 100's of peole left and right on this narrow bridge walkway, from umbrellas hitting you in the face, to people pushing you out the way. We try and get to a viewpoint and photo point as this is nothing like the photos we saw on social media from people being alone on the bridge.

    Spending a good 20 - 40min on the bridge for photos and foot traffic, we get disconnected from our tour group but make our way to the next attratction hoping to locate them again.

    Seeing that our guide waited for us we were relieved.
    Making our way through raindow walkways, and colourful gardens, it easy to get distracted.

    A well deserved buffet lunch supplied many varieties of food and treats from pho soups to bbq meats and deep fried dumplings. Not ashamed to admit, but I was truly satisfied.

    Trying to walk off the food shame, we head to the French village for musicals and architectural buildings.

    Having spend all our free time on sightseeing, its time to make our way back to the meet up place and walk back to the bus, as it started to rain.

    What a great and long day. Good company, good food and good experience.
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  • Day31

    City of lanterns, Hoi An.

    March 28, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    Check into our new hostel - Sun Paradise Villa.
    What a treat as the host is just so friendly, helping us with itinerary, sightseeing sight and bookings.

    Check our bag into our rooms and meet up in the common area to discuss our plan for the day.

    Deciding to use bicycles, we hit the road to explore the area around us from parks to beach and street vendors.

    Reclining at the beach, we have a chilled morning as some of us get some zzzz while rest have a dip in the cold sea.
    After a few hours, we head out for some street food. Craving some curry, we stop at a local indian restaurant for pretty good naan and butter chicken.

    Danel not feeling to well, we head back home for shower and medicine. Upon getting back to our hostel, we try out the awesome pool as the rest get ready for the old town.

    Arriving at the old town, we get greated by lanterns, smells of street foods, music for sky bar's, and local bingo.

    Park up our bicycles, we walk the streets for some photos and meeting locals.
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  • Day29


    March 26, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    It was a weird and long bus to Nha Trang as our night bus was filled with russian backpackers/travellers.

    The russian backpackers/travellers was not the weird part, but what happened was.

    The three of us walk onto the bus as we were greeted by other travellers. Upon laying and getting comfortable, we got talking to a traveller who introduced himself by saying he has limited english dialogue but eager to learn as he was from the russian federation. He immediately fancied one off the girls in our group, askin her name, fb and instagram details. He also mentioned that he uses google translate, thats why he is texting while talking. She didnt find this strange and responded with her name and where she's from, but mentioned she doesn't have social media.

    He responded shocked, with comments like, who doesn't have social media? and why is she lying to him? Whilst overhearing the conversation, the other girls saw what seems like, he was video recording her, instead of being on google translate.

    Feeling uncomfortable, she said that she is tired and going to try to sleep. So she turned around and continued to do so.
    He proceeded by recording her.

    Danel (the witness), then sent chantelle a message saying that the man is recording her, upon when she asked him to stop.

    Putting away his phone, and in the darkness of the bus, pulls out his gopro and continued to record.
    She again asked him to stop and delete the footage.
    It seemed like he did as he "showed" her the gopro screen.

    All tentioned in the bus, but continued to sleep. We arrived at our stop and he greeted us goodbye as we got off to collect our bags.

    Feeling freaked out, we rushed to the hostel to check in.

    Having a coffee and some giggles, we proceeded to the beach for sunrise.

    Walking around town, its amazing to see so many locals on the beach, parks and walkways doing stretches and "Vietnamese yoga".
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  • Day28

    Mui Ne Budget Backpackers

    March 25, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 27 °C

    Wake up nice and fresh.
    We split up as one is still sleeping, I went for breakfast and other left to go kite surf.

    Breakfast was not the greatest, but hey food is food.

    Chilling next to the swimming pool, as people start to wake up.

    Met up with my sleepy friend and wake her up by pushing her into the pool.
    Swimming and discussing plans for the day, we wonder if our 3rd party is still ok at kite surfing.

    Deciding to take a free kite class. We make our way to the beach and meet up eith our trainer.

    It was actually fun, as we spent a hour doing land and sea sessions.
    Pondering if we should stay another day or 2 to take additional classes, but decided not to.

    Back at hostel meet up and chill as our wondering soul joins, sunburnt and exhausted.

    Some hostel activities for the night;
    Pool pillow fighting,
    Beer pong,
    And limbo.
    Followed by open floor dancing the night away.

    Got forced to join the pillowfight as they needed an extra contestant.
    Made it all the way to the final and claimed the beer tower trophy.

    Decided to share it with all the contestants. Great way to meet people and make new friends.

    Girls went to bed as I remained and enjoyed the rest of the night with new friends.
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  • Day27

    Floating Market

    March 24, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ☀️ 30 °C

    Quick egg on toast brekkie before we walk to our boat for the day.
    Cruise towards the floating market but not before we pick up another group.

    With the floating market in sight, we started to wonder where the actual small boats where?

    When we got told that the smaller boats only come out 3-6am for the locals.
    The bigger boats are for the "tourist".

    So not getting us down, we whistle for some coffee and pineapple.

    Lunch time. We get dropped off where our guide tells us he has special treats for lunch, cocnut rat, snake, frog and Vietnamese pancake.

    Trying them all, I can't complain as the frog and rat was my favorite.

    Heading back, we make a "pit stop" where rice paper is made. Showing us the process and tasting the goodies was a good ne off experience.

    Still on cruise, we make yet another "pit stop", this time some dried fruits and meats.
    Tasting the dried frog and fish was not to bad and would definitely eat again.

    Back on land, we load up the bus and head back to Ho chi Minh.
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  • Day26

    Mekong River

    March 23, 2019 in Vietnam ⋅ ⛅ 28 °C

    1st activity in Nam - Mekong River
    Excited to say the least as our expectations are high due to instagram pics we saw.

    Booked a 2 day 1 night experience, I'm sure this will be a good few day's.

    Before getting picked up by bus, we have to get another egg coffee and bunh mÿ.

    On our way, we make for a "pit stop" at some bamboo/coconut factory. Surprise as what is going on, we get taken on a unexpected tour of bamboo and coconut clothes, utensils, medicines, confectionary, you name it.

    After just buying a ice cream, we back on the bus for what's hopefully the mekong.
    Off the bus and onto the boat.
    The boat makes it's way as we stop for another "pit stop", this time a some honey and bee keepers. Great tasting honey and tee's but still no mekong.

    From the honey, we get taken to where they make cocnut toffee. Great "pit stop" as we could have good portion tasters. Interesting process from coconut shaving, to toffee wrapping.

    From toffee's we head down some local vendors for handcrafted goodies, but no mekong.

    Finally, get to the main attraction and get split into groups for easy transportation. Get a quick safety briefing and on the boats we go.

    Awesome and beautiful boats and view, sun scorching above, chocolate milky waters, and we're done. A full 1 kilometers row to where we get dropped off. Gave guide a tip, but was told not enough so took the tip back.

    Not delivering to expectations, but hay, maybe tomorrow with the floating market.

    Back on bus where tour groups split up.
    Dropped off at hostel for the night, with the group deciding to hit the town and explore.

    Great food stop and some good night market shopping.
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