• Day61

    Edinburgh day 61 Fri 22 Jun 2018

    June 22, 2018 in the United Kingdom

    Another dry and partly sunny day in Edinburgh. Late start as discovered Yvonne’s phone did not charge overnight and was at 34% ....oops. Unable to post a negative review for Ryan’s place Belfast as property is not accepting bookings and the website does not let you even email a question. Caught a number 14 Lothan bus into the city which unexpectedly turned right at Princes Street and headed up Calton Hill and continuied towards Leith. Luckily got off the bus in a reasonable spot to walk to the number 8 Lothan bus route which took us to the Royal Botanic Gardens. We paid for a Gardens tour and were guided around for an hour and a half by a volunteer. (Tour length was supposed to be one hour). Very informative but how much I will remember will probably be minimal. We then had coffee and wandered around some more. We stoped to eat our olives, sun dried tomatoes and salami. More wandering around till we caught the bus back to the Mound. (Hill in the City created from the rubble, oyster shells dirt from the construction of the New Town in the 1820’ies. Visited the Museum on the Mound (Scottish Bank Museum) Interesting that a private company ensures the the integrity of the currency of the Scottish nation. Informative display similar to the one in the Tower of London. Then visited the impressive Giles Cathedral (once inside). Yvonne took photos and we had dinner in another pub on the Royal Mile.Read more