• Day13


    July 22, 2018 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    Today is Sunday and many shops and museums are closed today We finally got to sleep in though for me that was about 7. When I looked out the window it looked cloudy and there was a good chance for thundershowers in the forecast. We spend the next two hours getting packed for our departure on Tuesday.

    Once we finished, we noticed people setting up stands in the square in front of us. Apparently, every Sunday people sell things in the street and both tourists and locals walk around and buy things. The prices are very reasonable and there are stalls all over, not just in the square near our apartment. It was really fun to wander around and shop. We even got a couple of things.

    This morning I sat down and made a list of sights I still wanted to see. Somehow when we were being tourists, I missed this amazing archeological museum located right next to the cathedral. Valencia was founded over 2000 years ago as a Roman and Roman ruins have been found, especially where this museum is. It reminded me so much of the museum in Athens with the plexiglass walkways looking down on a dig. Here, you walk over the dig site mainly on plexiglass. You could see cobblestone streets and brick walls. The museum also had a 3-D model of what they thought each building would look like. I especially loved the area over the original Roman baths. Instead of just plexiglass, there is a shallow pool outside so from underneath, you get the illusion of water. It is amazing to me how much of the original Roman city was still in tact and had been excavated. So glad we found this great museum and it as free using our Valencian travel card.

    It never did rain. The clouds parted about noon and the sun beat down again. Georgia and I wandered around all day. We found a outdoor restaurant to eat at and I had an amazing mushroom and artichoke pizza for less than $5. Georgia ordered gnocchi but didn’t like it. We walked around and shopped until late. Tomorrow we want to get an early start to the botanical garden.

    Tomorrow is our last full day. I think we very much need to spend much of it at the beach. We also have a few more things to look at in the city before we say goodbye.
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