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  • Day167

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    October 20, 2017 in the Netherlands ⋅ 🌧 12 °C

    I jumped off the from Werkendam bus and was consumed in the smell of weed - WELCOME TO AMSTERDAM!! I definitely expected it but I totally didn’t expect it to be right in my face the moment I stood foot in Amsterdam. I caught up with my friend Melanie that I’d met in Lubljana a few months ago and we had a few good laughs over some delicious pancakes and tea. While I was there I had to take a moment think how cool it was to be sitting in a cafe in Amsterdam with a new friend I’d met on a pub crawl in Lubjlana, and that we got on so well! I went on a great walking tour of the city with one of the best tour guides I’ve had in Europe. He went into so much detail about interesting things like the red light district, the origin of the canals, why the buildings are leaning and tilted forward plus more. I also sampled some delicious Dutch food because you have to try local cuisine!! Stroopwaffels are two thing wafer waffles with caramel toffee in between and bittenballen’s are a cross between croquette, aranchini and meatballs - they’re both bloody delicious! Lisanne then met me in town and we spent the rest of the day being typical tourists as she hasn’t done much in Amsterdam despite only living an hour away! We cruised along the canals seeing the city from a different perspective then visited Museumplein where the infamous iamsterdam sign is, along with hundreds of other people! I’ve been carrying some Tusker Cider with me since leaving Nanyuki four months ago to share with Lisanne and we opened them in the middle of the park in front of the iamsterdam sign. It was such a cool moment, drinking Tusker Cider all the way from Kenya with my new good friend in one of the most iconic places in the Netherlands. This is what traveling is all about!! After our Cider, burger and Dutch apple doughnut, we braved the weather and made our way to the Anne Frank house. I’m really glad I went and saw for my own eyes the place where Anne and her family hid, after reading her diary through school, but it was a little underwhelming, especially after being to Auschwitz-Birkenau and Sachsenhausen. That night we went to the Amsterdam Dance Festival and saw some iconic DJs playing like Don Diablo, David Guetta, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike! I didn’t know what to expect cause I’d never been to a DJ festival like this and had never partied with Lisanne before but it was SO much fun!! We had the best time dancing the night away just the two of us and the cool thing was everyone around us was on this that and the other but we only had a couple of drinks and that was all we needed to have an epic evening, and still remember everything in the morning! It’s been a jampacked day full of everything a tourist could do in Amsterdam and I’m exhausted but so glad I made the most out of my time here!Read more