• Day265

    Vertical extremes

    April 5, 2017 in Peru ⋅ ⛅ 25 °C

    What a long day! To avoid the brutal midday heat this time, we left at 5am. 6 hours of steep uphill hiking later, we got to the old Incan City and explored the three parts of the ruins. The ancient town was the last Incan bastion unharmed by the conquerors, yet much smaller than it's bigger sister Machu Pichu. It was quite fascination to see the ruins and imagine how life back then must have looked like.

    One part of the city lays a bit away on a steep mountainside and consists of 30 or so terraces, decorated with white stone lamas. I really wanted to see it, while Max took a quick nap getting ready for the descend. So I hurried and took some pictures to show him. The ranger said it would take an hour to go down and up again - 30 minutes later, I was back ;)

    On the way back, we hung out with an old grandma who runs a little shop for trekkers and cooked us a delicious late lunch. In the most broken Spanish, we talked about life in Peru, mountains in Germany and the latest news of who else passed by her but that day. We got back around 6pm and were sound asleep in our tents by 8 ;)
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