• Day2

    The sun smiles when the reds win.

    August 12, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌧 19 °C

    Woke up to bad dreams about work (Ofsted) & rain. Not looking good but since Jurgen's finest were playing today, a chunk of the day would be inside watching the mighty reds at which point rain wouldn't be the end of the world. Liverpool loosing - that might be. On the verge of a snotty call to the letting agents when the shower wouldn't co-operate - Liz sorted it & hopefully a one off. Spent the morning reading & having a quick dash down to the beach when the rain eased. And then dashing back when it didn't. Located a couple of suitable venues for the match that showed football & also served food. Headed in only to discover that the chosen boozer wasn't in fact serving - no chef - for 3 weeks. The landlord didn't seem too happy. We had prime specs - do we give them up for sustenance or do we have a sunday lunch of crisps. No choice. Great views of 4 fine goals. Happy days - top of the league after 1 game - hopefully the same after 38 games. To be fair to the landlord he pointed us in the right direction for a sunday lunch post match. Opted instead to have a snack of 'G's' favourite - some Welsh cakes. Can see his point - their 'beltin' boyo. By now the sun had made an appearance - the world is a better place when Liverpool win. Down to the beach - a mear 1 min walk downhill - couldn't really be much closer. Soaked up some rays & took a little (slippery) walk along the coastal path. Need boots really.Read more