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  • Day7

    Waterfalls & rivers of chocolate.

    August 17, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    Struggled to get going. When eventually movement happened we decided to have a little look at the local waterfall. Though not Iguazu it was still impressive enough for a back garden sort of situation.Followed the rather muddy path down across some stepping stones & wound up at the beach. Pondered our nwxt move - initial plans had been to go to the 'Old Sailor' pub that had been closed on Monday, but greyness meant that some of the attraction had gone - sitting outside wasn't so appealing. Equally unappealing was the menu prices. Decided to go to the co-op & get some sarnies & have them on our beach. Nicer view, quieter - assuming the stroppy detectorist had gone and cheaper - all good. Sarnies in - settled down to watch some mean stone skimming, a kayak safari disappear into a cave and a poor dog unwillingly be dragged onto a boat - wasn't hp. By now it was clear that there was unlikely to be any brightening up so what to do. The chocolate factory was calling Liz. In particular the chocolate river - which it transpires, unsurpringly, was rather oversold. The tour of the factory, however was not. The tour guide, Colin, was very entertaining & informative. Free samples help Liz along & then she was let loose in the shop. Ouch!Read more