• Day8

    Castle & Cake perfection.

    August 18, 2018 in the United Kingdom ⋅ 🌬 16 °C

    What to do - dodgy forecast & a day to kill. Initial plans of going to Barafundel Bay seemed wildly optimistic especially when once we'd finished packing & headed off we were rewarded with rain. On the hoof planning opted for the fall back option of Pembroke Castle - surely a good option in the rain. Directions plugged into the phone & we set off. 5 or so miles from Pembroke, we were greeted with signs indicating the bridge across was a toll. Contemplated whether to stick with the plan or just head off. Parked up & realised that heading off from here would basically mean going back the way we came & starting the journey again. The toll was only 75p so we pushed on. So glad we did. Parking was cheap, castle was cheap (certainly compared to Warwick - seriously £27) We tagged onto a guided group which in terms of entertainment & knowledge was superb. The guide, Gareth, was a retired history teacher & he ckearly loved his new job. In terms of staying dry it wasn't so good but it was worth it to find out all the ingenious ways there were for killing people - kids must love this guy. The 75 min tour lasted 95 mins & we could've listened to his stories far longer. Had a little explore of some of the unique features on our own & then set off in search of food. Didn't have to look far - the cake shop was a suitable candidate. Never have I seen so many cake options. Both had soup to leave space, but hearty doesn't begin to describe the offerings so take away cake it had to be (ginger & lime drizzle; blackberry & apple) Back to the car to head off to Newport. Checked in & a slightly less successful tea for Liz - the burger was just too big for her tiny mouth. Major frustration. At least there was some tasty cake to look forward to.Read more