• Day4

    Worries & more worries...

    June 1, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ☀️ 32 °C

    Breakie was curtailed somewhat by a jumbo geriatric coach party descended enmasse. Massive queues meant a couple of bowls of coco pops & croissant would have to suffice. Packed up & headed out for the dash to Madrid for 'THE FINAL' Had to check in @ the hotel first which meant a dog-log route into Madrid - nice easy motorway was replaced with a windy mountain road. Far more interesting for the driver, not so good for Liz's stomach. Plenty of pre-match build up had been downloaded to get us in the mood but as a by product caused stress - when will get there, where to park, how to arrange to meet up with people. So much to fret over you could almost forget about the match. Found the hotel & checked in at the nearby bar. Thankfully they had a room available early so we on the road before the official check in time. Tight wad managed to find free parking near the ground - catch being it closed @ 1am - fine if the game didn't go to pens. Gambled it wouldn't. Made sense - avoid metro afterwards. Into Madrid - ticket guy sorted us & off to the madness of the fan park. A euphemism - not a blade of grass in sight & as the lift ascended the massed singing could be heard. Never have I seen so many carrier bags stuffed with tinnies. Had a little explore but either too old or too sober. As it transpired I couldn't escape. 1st priority was to locate Caroline - Liz's match buddy for the night. Texted that we were outside the 'El corte Ingles entrance' Liz's phone promptly ran out of credit. Then discovered there were in fact 5 entrances. To add to the woes Gareth was struggling with the heat & wouldn't be able to make it to the fan park. All seemed to be going tit's up. Thankfully nothing quite so dramatic. Located Caroline & family. Liz sorted for watching the match @ bar with company so off to the stadium. Avoided the fan park metro & thus the crowds. All well & good but they crowded on @ the next stop anyway. Sardines doesn't come close. Surprised the train didn't bounce all the way there.Read more