• Day8

    Day 7: 93km

    July 9, 2016 in France ⋅ ☀️ 21 °C

    I can't believe it has already been a week. It's gone pretty fast.

    We had an amazing sleep, in a real bed . So cheap it was only 15 Euro for both of us. We had sent two warm showers requests the night before as well. This days ride was actually really boring. The start was lovely along canals, rivers and cute houses but after the town of belleville ( which had a massive nuclear operation ) it was just weeds on both sides, straight boring path with no tree cover so like 60km in the sun, and no tiny villages to stop or tree cover. At the end we saw a little farm just of the side so wer did stop for a juice and ice cream. The highlight of the day was the farm donkey. We asked him to roll over and he did! Big applause. Then we cheered for him to roll back, and he did! Then he got up and walked away, show was over :)

    We filled the nothingness with half songs as we can never remember the full lyrics and learning French. Once again our bums were really sore at the end! My ankle is getting better just need to be careful.

    When I stop riding for a bit I get light headed and today I needed to lie down, my friend Vincent said it's because in not eating enough so I'm trying to eat more and more. The first time I laid down for a 1 min rest I laid in a bit of a prickly weed patch. After I got up it was still stinging. I had laid in stinging needles. Genius. I'm sweaty, sun screeny and now stinging all over my shoulders.

    We arrived at another campsite as warm showers people never seem to reply. It's a nice small one. We just ditched our stuff and went to the beach on the river. The previously lovely looking sand was actually a mixture of sand mud and pebble, so no where near as inviting. But the water was warm so we went swimming which was prefect after a hot hot day. I still didn't get burnt!! I was wearing a singlet top the last two days but I'll go back to exercise tops from now on as they cover more.

    Best part about this campsite (for me, for Michelle it is probably the bacon and eggs) is that some campers bought their two cats! So awesome! They are young and had loads of fun climbing the trees and playing. They even walked them a bit. My next cat is coming camping :)

    The plaque is all along la loire. We are now at around 25 I think from the beginning of the cycle track, so today we will venture back out to making it up towards the Rhone track. Because it's flatter :)
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