• Day14

    Mini village of Lompret.

    October 17, 2017 in Belgium ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Arrived in Chimay and as it was yet another sunny day, sat in the Grand Cafe and I had a fabulous salad full of all things regional! Britt even tried (and liked!!) the local eel! Burgers for the guys. Lovely people watching, the best being the "happy Belgian" couple next to us - Mike's pic tells all LOL - just talk to me if you have to.... Enjoyed yummy "table" beer Chimay - not avail in Canada - boo hoo.

    Drove by Abbaye de Norte Dame de Scourment and got as close to the source of Chimay Trappist beer as possible. Lovely Abbaye but very privee. Quick pic and on our way to “a way too commercialized” cafe that sold all things Chimay. Soon out of there.

    Then on our way to our B & B Hotel Franc Bois in Lompret. Nice owner with pooch Baloo, showed us our rooms - top floor of course with many stairs for M and B to drag our suitcases up to! Pleasant clean rooms - great breakfast next day - basic and a bit more as in all our stops. Every place we stayed in has stairs!! Jeakes House likely the steepest and narrowest. Off on a wee hike around the tiny village area - some dude climbing rock up and behind. Sat on church walls for a bit, just so enjoying the sun and air and Britt had fun clicking pics - so scenic an area.

    Dinner ..... hmm, so many places in Chimay closed on a Tuesday eve! Britt and I found L'Originale - looked great so off we went to find it. Construction every which way we turned so finally parked our car in the main square and walked - tripping along on cobblestones being repaired....found the restaurant, part of the old Chateau in years past - incredibly cool once we opened the door (looked very closed but ladies said ouverte so in we went) - a bit unnerving but down, down the stairs we went to a small restaurant - full on white linen and looked gorgeous but fully booked. Darn! Back to the Grand Cafe for pizza - huge, just fine - and we seemed to entertain the locals as we have done before. We were pleased to be in another area free of tourists, feeling that we were getting a true sense of Belgium and Belgians. Getting sort of a cool initial reaction, hesitant then a cautious warmth.

    Full tummies yet again and then back to comfy lodgings, looking forward to new adventures the next day....staying in a true castle!!
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