• Day96


    July 5, 2019 in Spain ⋅ ⛅ 0 °C

    As we hit the north coast, we choose a camp spot the most reasonably priced (although still very expensive considering the long 1km walk down the cliff side to reach the beach) just west of San Sebastian. It’s a huge site with lots of surf camps and teenagers there for the surf and some partying.

    We get a great pitch very close to the cliff side with amazing views out over the big bay, but we are quite a way up and the walk down is long and winding, with lots of steps and steep slopes.

    This is one of the most well known surf spots in Spain and even with the small swell and next to no waves there are still a lot of surfers in. We decide it definitely is not worth the trek down with a surfboard...

    We put Coen in the carrier and head down to the beach, Amelia’s little legs power on down the steps yet again, round corners with views over rock stacks and an old docking point where they used to haul goods up from the boats, and down the long path to the beach...and just as we arrive, and the children start playing in the sea, the rain starts and we can see a big storm over the mountains that seems to settle right above Zarautz - so we have a play, find a crab and then decide to start the ascent back up the 1km hill we’ve just come down. We make it back without getting too wet and Amelia makes it the whole way without a moan about how far it is.

    The other brilliant thing about this site was it’s sunsets...we were so lucky that our pitch looked straight out to the sea and as the weather had been stormy and cloudy, by sunset we were treated to some amazing colours in the much so that when Amelia got out of bed to see where we were, Nic took her to get a closer look as it was so pretty. We were also treated to some pretty loud disco music throughout the night too...surfcamps for the youngsters, which means time for us to move on!!
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