• Day26


    September 11, 2019 in Greece ⋅ ⛅ 24 °C

    We arrive in Mykonos. We offload from the ferry. And find our transfer to Petinos Beach Hotel.

    The area is call Platys Gialos.
    The water here is a mix of blue, green and aqua. It is so different from anything I have ever seen.

    Our hotel room looks directly onto the sandy beach, covered in loungers and beach umbrellas. Our view is from the righthand side facing out.

    We are in a Cove, with restaurants and cafes lining the beach in an arc.
    White buildings dot the hillside above amongst the brown rocks.

    The pool is a quick walk down the steps from our room. Athena immediately puts on her bathers and she goes down to bake. Her aim is to get brown. I go to the local shop and buy my supplies, chocolate and a lilo.

    Our room is pure white with whitewashed curved cement walls.

    The shower is the size of a dining room. I have a shower and feel like I'm in a cave. It echoes in here. Cool.

    We are very lazy at this point and our thinking brains have turned off. So much so that Athena said she didn't want to go out for dinner or to explore.

    At 6.00pm she has her nightie on and is giving herself a facial.
    I head across the street and grab a pizza... Continued

    She tells me to have a shower so she can blow dry my hair. I do it. She dries my hair whilst I sit in my white fluffy bathrobe.
    I hear clapping, laughing and greek music coming from outside.

    I ask Athena, when is our 'Greek Night'.
    We forgot greek night!!!!

    Athena says 'It's ok, we' ll do it another night'
    Me, panicked, runs to reception and asks how often is greek night?
    Wednesdays and Sundays.
    We fly out Sunday.

    I let Athena know and she says she she is disappointed and really wanted me to see it.
    I clapped my hands and said get up, get dressed,
    5 mins it took us to get ready.

    We invited ourselves in at The Blue Myth and sat at the bar. Men in black tshirt and and pants were dancing to traditional songs.
    We sculled a couple of bourbans quickly.

    Then that wonderful 'Zorba' music began.
    I love this. Really gets me excited. Slowly the boys move arm locked, side by side and it speeds up and takes you along.

    We get up and have a dance, with old and young. Reminds me of a wedding. Thank goodness it is an open air restaurant.
    We do the conga inside and outside.

    A young tall kid steps on my foot and breaks my toenail!
    I keep dancing!

    At around 12.30 it slows down. We creep into bed all buggered.
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