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  • Day8

    06-01 Akumal to Sacto - fly home

    June 1 in the United States

    Woke early, read for a bit then packed for trip home. Sara got up hard some bkfst and we geaded out about 9ish for some quick shopping. I could only find a turtle refrigerator magnet. Left condo about 10 fir drive back to Cancun car rental return and airport. Trip went well until about 100 yards ftom airport exit. We got flagged over some going thru police check point. We asked what was problem and police pointed at Sam for no seat belt! Steve literally had no cash for the fine, they made him check with others in the car, I had $28 (US) and they decided that that was enough and finally let us go. Turned in car, agency really took their time inspecting the car. Finally got into airport, had some lunch and said goodbye to Sam. He flew to LV to meet up with Katie and her family for the weekend. The 3 of us continued on to Sacto via 4 hour layover in Houston.Read more

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  • Day7

    Another lazy morning, hot but more wind and clouds keeping things a bit cooler. Make your own bkfst, and then reading by the pool (in the shade!). Drove into Akumal "pueblo" about 1:30pm for lunch at taqueria. Back to condo, then walked to Yal Ku lagoon to do some snorkeling in a very calm lagoon. Sara stayed at condo as she isn't that thrilled with snorkeling. Steve, Sam, and I liked it because of beautiful setting and calm waters. Saw lots of beautiful fish including huge parrot fish, and the guys spotted a barracuda. The grounds around lagoon are beautifully laid out with lovely sculptured statues. Came back to condo, read some more, then dinner at Buena Vida. Just okay meal, but our last, so kids did a short of tequila. I had "Mud Slide" slushy drink which was surprisingly good.Read more

  • Day6

    Slept then bkfst in condo ( cereal etc), then just reading around pool. Nice leisurely morning. Decided to go to Akumal Bay and Akumal Dive shop to snorkle fir turtles. Had quick lunch at Lol-Ha cafe. Checked with sunbr shop to understand where public can go watch turtles fir free. Piblis area was abit 60 meters south of dive shop, beautiful public beach. Rented life jackets which are strongly suggested. Seam out threw lots 9f sweed weed, but did get ti see 3,-5 turtles feeding on fine grass. Really liked, plus they would rise up to surface right next to you. Got more pedos and beer, and headed back to condo. Had some cocktails while everyone read. Then walked south about 2 tenths of a mile to great restaursnt, La Lunita, which is right on beach, and made great food..Read more

  • Day5

    Left Valladolid about 10am after bkfst at hotel. Drove hwy 180 to Coba ruins. Started 90 minute tour about 11:30am. Very hot and humid in Coba. Walked first part of tour with guide. Then rented bicycles yo ride about 2km out thru jungle to largest temple. Kind of nice to wind while riding bike. Finished tour out at large temple. Guide leaves you to climb temple on your own. About 140 meters tall, steep hot stair climb. Nice jungle view from up top, then climb back down, ride back thru jungle to return bikes. Left about 1:30pm - again we were drenxhed and hot. Grabbed drinks and snacks and decided to head to Akumal in air conditioned car. Arrived at condo about 4pm and checked in with mngr. Condo nice, but hot. Lots of smelling seaweed on beach all around. Unloaded and then headed back to Akumal Dive shop, grocery store and then dinner on beach at Hol-La restsurant. Everyone tired and grumpy until we finally got some drinks and food. Back to condo, sat out by pool and beach cause house was to hot. Luckily each bedroom has its own AC unit.Read more

  • Day4

    Brkfst at the hotel (incl) and then on the road to Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza via hwy 180 by 8:45am. Arrived at ruins about 10ish, parked and hired one of many guides available right at entrance for 2 hour tour. He said he was mayan and gave great tour to all significant ruins. Location and ruins very spread out, very busy, tons of vendors everywhere, and very hot and humid. Ruins were so cool, but the sun and humidity was rough. Saw mainly temples, then ball court, then stone homes and common people mud homes. Finished about noon and went inside restaurant to cool off and then stayed for lunch. Very good food and cooling smoothies!
    Drive to 2 cenotes by Dzitnup - Samula and X'Kenken. You can pay 1 price ($125 mxp) fir entry to both cenotes. You have to walk thru lots of vendors to get the pools. Samula has big island in the middle if underground pool, and X'Kenken has huge stalagmites hanging down from roof (lots of cave like formations). Both were really cool and refreshing, but kind of dark and dank smelling with the black catfish swimming around. Kind of un-nerving. They all have ropes strung across water so you can rest ftom swimming. Then back to hotel, showered, rested, then back out to city square for dinner. Still lots of people out, and music on speakers. There were signs saying it was Valladolid's 475 anniversary.
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  • Day3

    Picked up rental car just up from Royal Cancun and left for Valladolid via Hwy 180D (which turned out to be toll road that cost $305 MX). Plus till road skips all towns, so no chance for lunch until we arrived Casa Margarita about 1pm. Decided to go straight to Cenote Zaci which was only about 2 blocks away. Since we bought lunch at restaurant (part of cenote grounds) we got free entry to cenote. It was really hot, so jumping in cenote felt great. It was kind of murky with black catfish swimming around, but felt great. Jumped off rocks and swam around. Sara didn't like the fish and leaves. Got out threw our clothes back on and walked around town. Very hot and hardly any people out. Walked to town square and old catholic church then up Friars Road and checked old monastery. Walked back to town square and finally things started picking up. When we got back to square lots more vendors and people. Had beers in restaurant right next to square and watched people. Walked back to hotel about 6pm, showered and then walked back to square (the hotel was only 2 blocks from square too). Found restaurant with TV so Sam could watch NBA final playoff game for Cleveland.Read more

  • Day2

    After great nights sleep. Up about 7:30am to beautiful blue sky. Enjoyed coffee on the beach and then walked with Steve in both directions. Actually got warm and sweaty. Lounged on beach, drinking coffee and reading. Got organized about 11ish, some discussion about going back to sunny Isla Mujeres, but decided to do "Jungle tour and snorkle". Took bus south along Kukulcan (hotel zone) and hopped off at 9km to have lunch at Surfin Burrito. Tiny hole in the wall cafe with limited street side seating right on busy blvd. But Sam knew about it ftom Guy's DDD. We all designed our own burritos (like a deli sandwich) and they were all fabulous. Then on to Aquaworld for tour - but it started dumping rain again. Almost backed out, but then it stopped raining and we decided to go. You drive out in little 2 person motor boats following a guide. We drove out thru lagoon to ocean. Then give ties up all 5 boats and we snorkel on reef off of Punta Nizcu. Didn't get to see underwater statues, but reef and sealife was great. Sara was nervous but got into it. Lots if different fish, plus a big manta ray! Guide called it an Eagle ray. Finished tour about 5pm, had a drink, took bus back to Royal Cancun. Showered then walked about 1km north on Kuklcan restaurant Las Hijitas de las Tostada. Open air, pretty loud, on the lagoon. Wait staff only spoke Mexican and menu had different choices. Turned out great. Kind of miss of different small tostadas. Started with raw spiced tuna in great soy sauce and guacamole. Then we reach had 2 small different tostadas - from veggie to raw mixed fish to seared tuna and battered chipotle shrimp. Really good. Walked home to Royal Cancun. Sat night, loud music every where, plus the party boats with thumping music and fireworks. Very resort like, good, but very party like vibe.Read more

  • Day1

    Everyone slept in, had light bkfst of coffee and bananas, then headed to Embarcadero ferry terminal just 2 blocks away. Not raining in Cancun, hoping for same at Isla. Crossed to island about 12:30, landed to heavy rain. Walked quickly to closest restaurant to get out of rain. Had drinks, quesadillas, and nachos. Rain let up a bit, so we found golf cart rental (we had purchased at feery terminal) and started out for tour of island. Started raining again. Made it to the turtle farm, lots of tanks of seas turtles of different ages and some fish tanks built into walls. Headed south again and rain came down hard enough we had to pull into beach club to get out of rain again. When it let up, headed to Punta Sur..... very south end of island. You pay $3 and walk out on point with rusting metal sculptures, but beautiful setting. Even sculptures fit the landscape. There is a paved path on the CV way out that drops down to sea level - looked beautiful but just too stormy to chance. Even saw real turtles out in the surf from the point. Started raining again, drove around ocean side of Isla, rain still coming down, everything soaked! Drive out to north beach, all looked very cool and laid back, but so NV rainy. We all loved island and think if we came back we would stay out on island instead of Cancun. Finally took ferry back at 5:30pm. Showed and went to Shrimp dinner at palapa because to rainy to go out.Read more

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    05-24 Cancun

    May 24 in Mexico

    Slept well - very quiet! Woke to total rain. Hung out in apartment, finally walked to palapa for brkfst. Then hung out some more trying to decide what to do. Finally headed out about noon, took city bus up around Cancun Point, and tried to find MUSA Underwater museum. No luck, went to tequila store and got gift for Bremers. Took city bus further south along hotel zone to Mayan Museum. Walked thru grounds to some unremarkable "ruins", saw several iguanas, then walked thru museum. Just okay. Took city bus back around point back to hotel. Rain had let up, took snorkel gear out for a trial tun, then drinks in swim up bar with TV. Walked to Coco's grill, about 1 mile north towards town. Dinner okay, then walked back. Got caught in down pour and ended up jumping on city bus back to hotel. Bus is easy to use, just didn't figure out how to get day pass, had to pay everytime we boarded. For most part, wet rainy humid day. Note, popped out to beach by Royal Cartibean, which is further south in hotel zone, those resorts get ocean waves, while up at north end, beach runs east west and almost has a protected bay feel, much calmer. Also, i like Royal Cancun, it is smaller (only 4 stories) and right on beach. The ones on the southern end tend to be larger and higher.Read more

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    05-23 Sacto to Cancun

    May 24 in Mexico

    Left home about 6:45am to drive to Joe Robinson house (by mid town St Francis). We left car there and Joe drove us to airport for 9am flight. Flew thru Phoenix, had lunch, then on to Cancun. Arrived about 7pm, meet transport to Royal Cancun Resort. Checked in to beachftont 2 bdrm suite #1012. Great location, right on the beach. Had dinnet at beach Palapa open air restaursnt, during karaoke night (not much talent!). Margaritas, nachos, and dinner. Restaurant food just okay, kind of like cruise food. Started raining but still warm.Read more

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