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    06-22-20 Drive Jackson Mdw via Bowman Lk

    June 22, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 81 °F

    Had leisurely bkfst at Lindsey Lk campsite then packed up and headed out. Decided we did explore and drive out north to Bowman Lk. We drove out Lindsey Lk road and then right on Bowman Lk road. Most of the drive was the same very rocky dirt road to Lindsey - could only drive about 5 mph. The last 2.5 miles takes you from the base of Bowman dam at Canyon Creek back up an extreme steep very rocky road back up to lake level. The road was so uneven and rocky that I had to get out front of the Outback so I could direct Steve's steering to avoid high rocks. At one point he had to kind of gun it up out of a gully in the road crosswise and the drivers side wheel came totally off the road- only 3 wheels making contact. We literally had to stop and take a break to get our breathing back to normal. Finally pushed up the last mile and got to the summit and lakeside. It took us 30mins to go those last 5 miles to the lake.
    Stopped to talk to campers at the lake because we didn't know if the road was going to very even worse trying to drive around the lake and on to Jackson Meadows Reservoir. No one had come in that way. So we decided to drive on around the lake to Bowman Campgrnd. Took us another 30mins to go the next 5 miles. Road was not as scary as by the dam, but barely passable for the Outback due to rocks and gullies. Biwman Lk is relatively large and pretty, looked very clear. Would like to explore hiking in the area, but we didn't know how long it would take us to get home.
    We finally found someone who said that the road to Jackson was doable so we continued on. Don't know what we would have done, because we really didn't want to try and go back the way we had just come. Turned out the road to Jackson was significantly better - still rocky dirt - but we could drive much faster (maybe 15mph). Finally hit Jackson about 12:30 and found shaded pullout next to the water for lunch. It was just after we crossed the Henness Dam - on the other side of the dam was a huge gully that the Middle fork of the Yuba River runs through. We also finally got an asphalt road just before we hit the dam. Jackson is a big sierra reservoir, pretty blue with pine trees, but looks more man made. There were stone fishing boats out, a jet skier, and a SU paddler.
    Then drove on (asphalt) to Webber Lk via forest route 7. Pretty drive to lovely small lake surrounded by lots of meadow. The campground had a long very inviting sand beach front - looked like a great place for kids and family camping. There is a 6.5mi (total) out/back trail to Lacey Meadows, but didn't see much other hiking, although the whole area bounding Route 7 is pretty. We walked around Webber Lk for about 30mins.
    Still on route 7, turned up to check out Lake of the Woods. Another pretty rocky dirt road (2mi). Lake is very small with few campsites and no services at all, very rough camping. Didn't see the appeal for camping although there were several sites taken (3).
    Finally drove out route 7 to hwy 89 and headed south towards Truckee and on home. Arrived home about 4pm. Lots of driving bit wer enjoyed our off-road adventure and some of the pretty scenery. Would never drive to Bowman via Bowman Lk road, but would consider doing it from Jackson Meadows. Bowman looks interesting, could hike to Sawmill Lk and/or Faucherie Lk. Also, there are trails from those lakes to Penner and Rock Lk and Grouse Ridge (or vice versa out to Sawmill and Faucherie)
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    06-21-20 Lindsey Lake hiking & camping

    June 21, 2020 in the United States ⋅ ☀️ 86 °F

    Drove up to Lindsey Lake campground, it is the lake just up the road from Carr Lake (where we usually go). As we drove up Bowman Lake road (off of hwy 20) we were amazed to see so many cars and folks out - suspect it was all for Father's Day. Even as we drove the dirt road into Carr and Lindsey, there were lots of disbursed groups camping in the forest. We went straight to Lindsey and found all the campsites taken (although the campground was closed). Talk to a family that was leaving that day and they allowed us to leave our car in their site so we could claim it for that night.
    We spent the day hiking up to Upper Rock Lake. Trail is a moderate climb all following an old 4x4 dirt road. Past Culbertson which has two gorgeous cabins lakeside - they must have key to the gate that allows them to actually drive up the 4x4 road. Short relatively steep climb up to Rock lake. Enjoyed a relaxed lunch but after hanging around awhile were chased out when a group of 3 horse riders decided to take their lunch right next to us. HIked back down to Lindsey, and found most of the campers were now gone - much quieter and nicer. Our site was left for us and we set up our chairs and camp. The site was right at the lakes edge - really beautiful. We read books for awhile and then hiked across the dam to the other side of the lake. Had dinner of canned chili - were in bed when it got dark about 8:30pm. Beautifully quiet night with only one other campsite being used. Warm enough that we left the tent fly open and didn't need any extra blankets.
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