• Day30

    Day 27/16 Redondela to Pontevedra

    May 30 in Spain ⋅ 🌧 17 °C

    Overcast skies, a threat of rain and a temperature of 15 C awaited us as we set out on today's walk.

    It was another relatively short walk, (I now consider walks under 20 kms to be short) but it had two very long, and often steep, ascents and descents. For the most part we were in forested areas, which were unspectacular, although there were a few extraordinary vistas from atop the hills.

    The other day we were serenaded by a bagpipe duo and today, on a couple of occasions, we were treated to a chorus of bullfrogs singing very loudly.

    Our first coffee stop was about 7.5 kms up the road and the second was as at around 15 kms which left only 4 kms over flat ground to bring us to our hotel.

    With a little less than an hour to go, the rain finally started to fall, but only enough for us to pop open our umbrellas. A few days ago torrential rains were forecast for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, but that has been constantly changing. With a little luck and the Caminho on our side, we may dodge the bullet tomorrow. Time will tell.

    The highlight of the day was dinner at Bodegon Arca, a little Mom and Pop shop run by a larger than life Spaniard and his wife. So enjoyable was his banter we had to take a photo with him.

    Our calculations tell us we now have only 66 kms to cover over the next three days to reach Santiago. It's almost inconceivable to think that this journey is rapidly coming to an end.

    What can we do for an encore?
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    This is so exciting!!!😎😎love these posts

    Roch Pelletier

    Thanks. We have fun doing them and find they provide us great memories to look back on.