• Day64


    June 10, 2017 in Croatia ⋅ ⛅ 79 °F

    So on our last day in Kastela, we visited Trogir, another UNESCO World Heritage site a bus ride in the other direction.

    Whilst I run the risk of sounding spoilt with lovely places - I am - the main attraction is the Old Town. To my uncultured eye, this is a lot like both Dubrovnik and Split. White marble roads, attractive stone buildings, by the sea and maze-like small streets.

    Both the highlight and the lowlight was climbing the Cathedral Tower. It gives you a "sweeping view" of the town, but I couldn't experience these as I developed some kind of height fright half way up the bell tower so let Stuart continue whilst I held the handrail in a vicelike grip.. If you look at the photo he took you will see me in the corner holding on for dear life!

    Also the Cathedral has a ornate door featuring Adam and Eve, who I am copying. Also in the Chapel - dedicated to St John of Trogir - there is a man popping his head out upside down and for all the googling I cannot work out who he is or what he is doing.. too cheap to buy a guidebook :)

    So possibly good timing to be moving on tomorrow to see some different sights altogether!
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