• Day112


    July 28, 2017 in Poland ⋅ ⛅ 22 °C

    So to Warsaw.. We had received mixed reviews about Polands capital city so had to find out for ourselves.

    And we really enjoyed it! So much to see and far too little time.

    I fell in love with a building that was a gift from Stalin. The Palace of Culture and Science is the tallest building in Poland. Its the Art Deco one in the photos, amongst the high rises. We went whoosh in a super fast lift up to the 30th floor to see the views over the city.

    We visited the Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, which was something I had been keen to learn more about. It is housed in a super modern building and tells the one thousand year story of jews in Poland. I think we were spoilt by a few recent museum gems that we were found that we didn't immerse ourselves totally here. However because it was a Thursday the entry was free and it was very interesting to learn more about how Jews came to settle in Poland and their - totally discriminatory - treatment over the years by others.

    We also saw the new old town.. which was annihilated by Hitler after the Warsaw Uprising and then rebuilt. It has been reconstructed in such a way that I - perhaps being quite oblivious - would not have suspected that it was not original. This feeling must be shared by others as UNESCO have named it a World Heritage Site. Great minds think alike eh!

    We also tried a Zapiekanka. It is like a foot of bread covered with mushrooms and cheese..mmmm.

    Whilst we lost a day waiting for our camping equipment to be taken away by courier - as we need to make space for our impending guests :) - there is a lot more I would like to see so another one to add to the list to revisit.
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