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    July 28, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 13 °C

    Every day has been a surprise. We thought today's excursion might be a bit the same as the day before. However it was really different and exciting. We arrived and woke up in this amazing fjord. It was very cloudy and cooler and we thought the visibility for our trip up the mountains above the fjord wouldn't be very good. At the first stop it was very cloudy but as we climbed higher the clouds and mist started to roll away .We then began to climb all these really sharp hair pin bends all the way up to 3500 feet where there was still snow on the ground, great gushing waterfalls and a beautiful lake where we had coffee and yummy jam doughnuts. Our guide was Spanish and called Jesus and made all the worst jokes about his name. The roads are really narrow and when two buses pass it really is white knuckle stuff. There are lots of tiny electric cars that people hire. In fact it will be obligatory to drive an electric car in Norway in the near future. As the boat set off this afternoon we rugged up and went up to the front of the ship as we made our way back through the fjord with amazing waterfalls thundering down the sides. We have finished the day seeing a live show of Singers and Dancers doing some great harmonies of Manhattan Transfer , the Beatles and others. So I had better get some sleep as we are off early for a zodiac ride along a new fjord with a naturalist aboard and then up in a cable car. Probably scream all the way up. Anyway guys hope adventures are not boring you.
    Love to everyone. We miss you all and will be back home before you know it .

    Lots of love

    B& B
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  • Day39

    Alesund Norway

    July 26, 2017 in Norway ⋅ ⛅ 18 °C

    Hi Family

    We have had two incredible days in the fjords. Yesterday we arrived in Flam early in the morning where there was a spectacular cloud hanging around the cliffs of the fjord. After brekkie on the deck we set off for a big day climbing up one of the steepest roads in Norway up numerous hair pin bends in a bus. Amazingly the sun kept breaking through. The scenery as we looked back to the Aurlands fjord was out of this world. There were neat little farms and patches of snow on the mountain tops , numerous waterfalls and fast flowing rivers tumbling over rocks. Pools as clear as a bell . We often had to pass other buses on single lane roads very scary!!! We had lunch in a majestic old hotel and walked up onto the grass roof of the culture centre for a fabulous view down the valley. Then we went on two trains . The last one stopped at Kjosfossen waterfall right beside the track where the spray covered us. Hilariously a lady dressed in red popped out the vegetation beside the waterfall and danced to some haunting music. Bizarre. The ride back down to the ship was so lovely. After our return we had cocktails and caviar as the ship sailed slowly through the fjord. We had the urge to burst into song but controlled ourselves. Certainly it was one of those moments we will never forget and probably the best day so far .Now we are in another fjord at a town called Alesund which has art nouveau architecture . We went to the high point above the town and looking down was quite amazing. It was sunny while we were out and surprisingly the last few days have been the warmest of our trip so far. We don't leave here until 11.30 as we don't have far to go tonight so we plan to eat up on the deck by the pool. My back has been so terrible that I decided to try a short course of Bette's prednisone and after one day it is better than it has been in 5 weeks. Not sure what will happen when I stop. Bette's right knee is playing up and she will have to have that investigated on our return. We trust Lucy and Josh got away and that Ruby had a wonderful birthday with her school mates. Can't believe you are 6 !!! Miss you all all of love ❤️
    Barb& Bette
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  • Day36

    Leaving Denmark Norway here we come

    July 23, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Just spent our first day in Aalborg down a fjord in Denmark. We went on a tour to a medieval castle and market. It doesn't sound too fascinating but it was really interesting. We had a local lady who took us through the castle. She brought the place to life. I kept thinking of my Mum looking at all the beautiful table settings with silver and China and the period furniture from all the different inhabitants over the centuries. Outside there were markets in the castle grounds where the locals were dressed in medieval costumes but were actually producing goods, food or music from the time. It was not crass as you would imagine as they all were quietly getting in with it not looking for applause or trying to flog their wares. The only downside was it started to rain and has been raining since. We are back on board though and drinking coffee reclined in rockers as the ship heads towards Norway. We are at sea tomorrow as we cruise into the North Sea and around the corner to Norway. So far the sea is calm and we haven't put on our seasick patches but Bette is on guard.This ship is really very comfortable. It is much more modern and stylish than the Silversea one we were on before. We feel very lucky to be able to travel in such comfort. Bette has even corrupted me into some afternoon naps. My back continues to plague me and Bette's right knee is terrible but doing what we can to get by. Next time I think we better bring a physio with us. We were hoping the Coles family gathering today to say goodbye to Lucy and Josh was a happy/sad one. It was great Bette spoke to Lucy the other day. Bon Voyage to you both. Travel safe and enjoy London lol Barb &BettexxxRead more

  • Day35

    All aboard Seabourn Quest

    July 22, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 20 °C

    Here we are Wow room so nice !!! Still in port . Bette getting ready to play cubbyhouse and unpack . Have attached a glimpse of our new room . Bucket of champagne waiting. Spoilt old birds. Xxxx

  • Day34

    In Copenhagen

    July 21, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ 🌧 16 °C

    Arrived yesterday in Copenhagen. Our flight was delayed and two long trips to and from airports so most of day gone by the time we got to the hotel.Today unfortunately is wet . We went around in the hop on hop off bus but everywhere is wet and misty. We will venture out again later. We want to do a canal cruise for an hour of weather permits.Read more

  • Day33

    Stockholm airport

    July 20, 2017 in Sweden ⋅ ⛅ 19 °C

    Hi Had the day yesterday exploring Stockholm after our ship berthed early in the morning. We went on the hop on hop off bus around the city stopping at a few places to spend more time. Late in the afternoon we went into the old town which is really gorgeous and we roamed up and down all the lane ways one of which is only about one metre wide. At that time of day everyone is out walking shopping and eating in the many cafes . We loved watching the passing parade of dogs, kids, young back packers and Swedes enjoying the long Summer twilight.& We are flying to Copenhagen in about half an hour. We felt nervous putting our bags on the conveyor belt as this is the airline that lost our luggage earlier in the trip. We only have a few days in Copenhagen before we board our next ship bound for the fjords.Read more

  • Day30

    Left St Petersburg

    July 17, 2017 ⋅ ☀️ 22 °C

    Have set sail again after three wonderful days in St Petersburg. Called the Venice of the north it is an opulent and beautiful city. The palaces, art and gardens are on a scale we had not imagined. Our first day we spent in a private car with our own guide Maria. We saw many cathedrals and squares and many of the inner city buildings and museums. This was so easy with a driver dropping you at the door of every place and getting in before the crowds. Some of these places have literally thousands of searing crowds of tourists . Two other days we went on Silversea tours which are door to door excursions . You could easily spend a lot more time here. One interesting comment I asked our guide today what the Russian people think of Trump and she said we all call him our President as Putin wanted him there so that's why he is there. Ha !!! Very interesting! We have tomorrow in Estonias capital Tallin and then we leave the ship the next day in Stockholm. Tonight we had a great concert by the 6 singers who have performed through the week Opera Beatles Stones and disco music great talent we just love.All the staff came onto the stage tonight so we could thank them for their out of this world service. We want to bring Sudy our butler home as he has been so kind.Both well . Had some physio on my back today as I discovered one of the beauticians in the spa is a physio from Amsterdam. It seems to have helped a bit. Must get some sleep raining outside and ship rocking a bit but not too bad . Love to all
    Barb& Bette
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  • Day27

    Heading for St Petersburg

    July 14, 2017 ⋅ 🌙 15 °C

    We have been cruising the Baltic for the last few days. We loved Visby the main city on the island called Gotland which is part of Sweden. The houses were lovely with cobblestoned streets and all the shops had fabulous elegant clothes and there were shops that just sold wrapping paper with gorgeous patterns . There was a candy shop with every possible sweet and IKEA like shops with modern furnishings. Problem is no room in the luggage. The next stop was Turku a past capital of Finland 🇫🇮 but we thought it was not that interesting. Today we berthed in Helsinki Finland which was lovely with beautiful historical buildings as well as lively Summer markets full of just picked berries and flowers. We went out on an old Viking sailing ship across the harbour. It was fine but cold in the wind . Tomorrow morning we arrive in St Petersburg which promises to be the highlight of the trip. We are there for three days as there is lots to see. Just made a major faux pas at dinner telling this wealthy American that I didn't approve of Trump and his disrespect for women then I realised he had the brushed back white hair an arrogant manner and a much younger dolly faced blonde Ukrainian lady with him Whoopsie 😖It became clear he thought Trump was quite ok ahhhh!!! Anyway folks off to bed . It is ten o'clock but the sun still hasn't quite set ... very confusing for us.

    Love to all special kisses 😘 for the little ones. Hey I forgot to say we had reindeer for dinner Delicious but think the grandies might be horrified. Bette said Blitzen tasted 👍


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  • Day24

    Sailing the Baltic

    July 11, 2017, Baltic Sea ⋅ ☁️ 15 °C

    Went to a lovely Danish Island Bornholm today and drove around the edge of the island through lush farmland and pretty coastline. We went to a place that makes beautiful pieces of glass called the Baltic Sea Glass Company. Some big temptations but the one piece we both loved and we asked the price $10000 US dollars ... ah no ! Enjoying the entertainment on board. Last night a cabaret of the Beatles Stones and other 60's music. Tonight Judy Garland and Liza We are being spoilt rotten by the staff. Our butler leaves me hot water in a thermos to put in the hot water bottle for my back. Afternoon naps seem to be the way to go before dinner and show. The sea is very calm for which we are thankful . All for now xxxccRead more

  • Day22

    Fredericia Denmark

    July 9, 2017 in Denmark ⋅ ☀️ 19 °C

    Another little Danish town . The people here are very excited to see our ship. We are about to set sail and a band is coming to play and they are going to fire a canon in our honour hopefully not at the ship. We walked all through the town and up along the fortress. My back is still pretty awful so am off for a second massage with Agnes who is tiny but is extraordinarily strong 💪. Wish they had a physio on board! Bette is at Trivia ( she does love a game) lol xxxxRead more

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